Atomic shop physical location idea

fallout 5 - Atomic shop physical location idea

topic that insipired this idea: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/bfpmsh/if_the_atomic_shop_was_an_actual_location_in_the/

Ok, I think that the atomic shop having an actual location would be a cool idea and I know exactly where it would be. Hillfolk hotdogs https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Hillfolk_Hotdogs At this location one can find a hotdog stand that looks to also sell junk items similar to an antique store.

The idea I have is to put a junk store across from that, said store would have several atomic shop items new old, and limited time thrown about it. With "free" versions of a few discontinued items that can be bought for caps.

The lore behind the Atomic shop will be simple. It is a road side antique store that use to be run by one of two brothers and his wife, now all that is left is their robots, A set of Mr. Handies, a sentry bot, and the sells bot. The Sells bot takes pride in what the four are doing and has started selling stuff based on as it says "Atomic merit" You do cool things in the wasteland it gives credit for that. How it knows, well that big tower out back isn't for look, the old owner hacked into an enclave satellite.

AREA bots

Atomic mark

Robot type: Protectron

Personality: cross a used car seller with an Adrenalin junky.

Sells: atomic shop items, unlike going through the menu items are all displayed somewhere, cloths on manikins, camp items in the yard, skins on displays, poses and icons as pins and how the manikins are set up.

Only sells things for atomic Merits, which the robot explains the first time you meet it.

Opening dialog: Why hello there traveler, I see the vault finally opened and my big eye in the sky would like to sell you something. Don't bother with your caps here, I sell things on merit atomic merit. Do things that interest me and my eye in the sky and you will earn atoms with which to use to buy from me.

Dialog after: IF you want a large burst of atoms. Before you get to strong team up and head to deathclaw island. Take it out and I will give you three hundred of them. Other then that you can earn atoms through challenges I upload to that pip boy daily. Have fun now, and show me what you are made of.

Note: player gets a one off quest to team up with 3 others and kill a deathclaw before hitting level 15. High level players will not get this quest.

Atomic Dan/susan

robot type: Mr. handy/Mrs. Nanny

personality: redneck engineers. You give them an item they can fix it. Dan's welder is replaced with a roll of duct tape on a dispencer. Once a day he will give 2 free exes adhesive. Susan has 3 more hands then a normal handy and is in fact a Mk1 Mr. handy reprogrammed with a Mrs. Nanny personality.

Both of these robots are smarter then the normal handy/Nanny. Stating their original owner knocked out their connotative limits. Both imply they know about Modus with atomic dan making the following statement from time to time. "We are the second and third smartest bots in this here wasteland, The only one smarter was in a bunker. But sense the bomb hasn't been as smart as us."

Roll in the location: they are implied to be the ones that go out and collect the items for the atomic shop, repairing and furnishing items.

Daily quest given by Susan: once a day Susan will give a daily quest to retrieve some rare bit of clothing or plans form the wasteland. In exchange she will give 200 caps, and has a chance to give a clean version of any cloths item.

pit bitter

robot type: sentry bot (level 60)

personality: Makes dog barking sounds, has an image of a pitbull drawn on both of its rocket launchers.


This robot is security for the place, armed with two shoulder mounted rocket launchers, and two hand mounted rocket launchers. You learn from the Handy's that it was built by their owner after the bombs dropped, salvaged from the ash heap by their owner and armed with anything it could. As such it still has the strike breaker paint in places but has a clean forest camo over most of its build.


The atomic shop, before the bombs dropped was a restoration and antique store. The old owners where a couple of tech geniuses. Dan and Susan (yes they named two of their robots after themselves). Before the bombs dropped they where the best restoration business in the region. But once the nukes came they where known for a different reason, the two where known for repairing robots, fixing cars and keeping things running.

while they refused to join the responders, not wanting to tied themselves down to a faction. They would help anyone who had the money and time. They didn't care if it was a responder or a raider. And it is that attitude that would lead to their deaths. Both can be found in a house behind the shop Bob dead on the first floor a pump shotgun in hand his head missing. Two dead raiders outside the door and his body slumped behind a turned over table.

On the top floor is Susan's body, scorch marks show she was throwing grenades, gibs of several dead raiders found at the stairs. her body will be found in the bed room missing an arm. A holo tape in the room called "last moments" can be found in a holo tape recorder, sadly the recorder is sparking. (reskinned version of the things you get the overseers tapes in.)

holotape: LAST MOMENTS.

Susan: They are coming, dammit They just disabled pit.

Dan: head upstairs I will hold them off.

*sound of foot steps*

*muffled* raider: Listen Danny boy you are either going to open up the door and give me what I am owed or I am going…

*sound of a shotgun going off. gun fire ensues followed by a single shot from a high caliber weapon.*

Raider: Well there goes getting those bots. go find his wife end her and lets get out of here.

*More movement sounds followed by the sounds of explosions, crying can be heard then a loud boom. End holo tape*

Ending is meant to imply the wife blew herself up on purpose to prevent the raiders from doing anything to her.

though notes, you can learn the raiders where hitting the house because the two are the ones who refurbished the fat man that blew the damn. Even though it was the raiders themselves that blew the damn a group of them blamed the couple that repaired the launcher that caused it. So they came to end the two. In the battle the raiders who came where wiped out.

In the aftermath. the robots took over continuing the business but eventually becoming bored with cash as they had no need for it, instead turning to a currency of their own making Atomic merits. Why use the currency of the land when you can have people do things that amuse you for credits.

The end result is the atomic shop.

REasoning for the idea: to give the atomic shop a location and lore. This may sound strange but doing so may increase players chances of buying things from it, either through working for the grind as it has an in game reason. Or seeing an item in the yard and going. Yeah I want that, only to buy it with real money.

Note: trading with Mark will open the atom shop, but the handies can be traded with as well they both sell as they put it. Lower grade goods and marked down goods. Respectively high cap cost plans and discontinued atomic shop items for high cap amounts. Like an item that was removed form the shop that cost 200 atoms would be 4,000 caps.

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