Atoms are fairer and more balanced than Bullions

fallout 2 - Atoms are fairer and more balanced than Bullions

It's a bit ironic. We already had a gated currency we could to work for daily, at a very slow pace, to purchase extremely expensive new shiny things. It's been in our rotation since launch: farming atoms.

Some math stuff. Might be a little bit off, it's late here:

You get around 70 atoms daily and 170 with weekly challenges, so total of 660 weekly approximately. The Atomic Shop bundles are generally at least 1200 Atoms, sometime more if it's two bundles in one (e.g. Free State bundles). Each bundles usually have at least ten items.

Ex1: The contemporary set has a whole new building set, a porch, two floors, three sets of curtain, three wallpapers for 1200 atoms.

Ex2: Responder bundle: three flags, 1 light, three new crafting stations, 1 wall decoration, 1 icon, 5 posters. 1200 Atoms also.

Following that, in addition to the weekly 660 Atoms, you can also get Atoms through one-time account challenges and the list is huge and diversified.

And that's not all, the daily challenges change daily. It's never the same objectives, some are often quicker and better to do than others, so you're never out of option really. Many of them can even be completed by accident or by just doing whatever you want. So there's always a small element of surprise, or relief when you recognize an easy challenge, and this rotation spice things up a little bit. It helps that the store changes often too.

I just find it extremely amusing that the currency that can be purchased with a credit card is more balanced with its pricing and diversified in its obtention than our current new endgame grind. It's more motivating to work for Atoms right now than for Bullions.

Now let's compare:


1- You can get an Atom bundle in two weeks. You need 29 days for Buttressed SS armor, and that's not counting the RNG aspect of rolling good legendaries out of your SS parts. It's longer if you add mods, and worse if you add the jetpack.

2- You can only acquire Treasure notes from two types of source: a) public events (the same pool of 7-10 events we've had for months + two-three ones with Wasterlanders) and b) the very small pool of daily. Nothing else. No "bullion challenge", nothing. It gets worse if nobody is available or come at public events, you're stuck soloing them and probably failing. True story.

3- While you can use 6000 Caps to purchase an extra 300 bullions (I think?) weekly, that alone isn't even enough to cover one single item from the shop (cheapest thing being a backpack mod at 350).

4- A fully modded SS armor, a PA armor and maybe one weapon ask close to at least two-three months of daily grind (and that's if you don't skip a day). With that time, a player could have acquired around 7 920 Atoms. That's 6,6 bundles (which always contains TONS of stuffs at once like I said).

Atoms feel more rewarding, diversified and fair in their acquisition and pricing than Bullions. The Atomic shop pricing give you more for the time you work for than Regs and its bullion shops.

Atoms are handled better. lol.

What I find interesting here is that some people are defending a system that is worse in numbers and acquisition than our good old classic Atoms. Insert thinking emoji here.

That's all.

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