Auto equip grenades. (And a fix for the floater grenade issue)

fallout 4 - Auto equip grenades. (And a fix for the floater grenade issue)

A potential fix for grenade usage (and the floater grenade complaint)

Warning: a bit long, skip to end for summary.

Grenades typically accumulate in large amounts in player inventories. Since they don’t fall into standard load out and favoriting set ups they go overlooked. Even if you use them and pick up any grenades you find you may have a decent supply of grenades but since they are spread out in different stacks it’s inconvenient to switch to a different grenade mid fight.

I really enjoy using grenades. The more powerful ones do a surprising amount of damage even in late game. And are good way to tag enemies when you need to reload. But since I only remember them in the middle of combat it is not worth the time to open my inventory to equip them. As reloading whatever weapon I’m currently using is much faster.

Even though I would like to use them more, it’s more practical to just sell them off in bulk once I start to get concerned about carry weight. (Except for floater grenades, since they can’t be sold)

This is a simple solution to the problem (at least I hope it’s simple from the development side.) if a player has no throwing weapons equipped, then it auto equips one. This turns the large menu and choices of grenades down to just one big stack.

Yes this would simplify the tactical process of selecting the best grenade for the job. But that system worked better in past fallouts because you could freeze time to equip them. That doesn’t work in 76 as well, now I just want to reach into my bag of bombs, pull the pin, and see what happens.

The simplest from the developer side would just be to auto equip first throwing weapon in alphabetical order. (Please don’t do that as that will have minor issues for some players that renders this whole thing pointless)


A good option would be to have a menu setting. You turn on grenade auto equip. And it automatically selects a throwing weapon (most likely in alphabetical order) and would only auto equip certain throwing weapons. Skipping out on more special grenades such as the modus platform grenades. And artillery smoke grenades. The only grenades that should auto equip are simple throw and boom. This should be slightly more difficult to implement as now there are menu settings and grenades to ignore. But still easy

A better system would be one similar but land mines and grenades under separate menu options as there could be some overlap. (It would be annoying if you suddenly just stopped throwing grenades and had to switch to landmines out of nowhere) Just set it so you can have landmines equip before grenades or vice versa.

The best system would be a detailed throwing weapon auto equip menu. Where the player gets to set the priority of the selection. This way players can pick what grenades they want to be automatically equipped when empty. As some players may want the most powerful grenades equipped before others. (Or just make floater Grenades auto equip so you can get rid of them as soon as the enter your inventory)

Also under no circumstances should this replace the old system completely. There is still some incentive for players to pick the right grenade before a fight. If I’m fighting bots (and I remember to pick the right aid and grenades, then I’ll pick pulse grenades first then once those are out I’ll take what I can get.

From a coding standpoint I imagine this would be this most complicated. And honestly I would take something like the 3rd suggestion over nothing.

(Also they could use a general buff and some dedicated perk cards but that’s a different post)

TLDR; add a menu option that automatically equips certain grenades so you don’t have to open the pipboy mid Combat.

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