Back after months, still the same (FO76)

fallout 2 - Back after months, still the same (FO76)

Recently, as the E3 Presentation of Bethesda came along, I was curious and logged back into Fallout 76. Behold new content. So naive me went in, looked around and wanted the backpack. Sure thing, easy gimmick anyone can find at any point in a decent enough stocked store. Putting them into the game, makes sense.

I open the game, patch it. Launch it: and it does was F076 can do best: Crash. (Ah shit, here we go again…)

Oh boy, was I wrong. The tadpoles, or as I like to call it: "Cesspool of shitty programming and lazy design", questline has to be done first. The first quest getting rid of the mutagenic waste, easy. Fetching some insect parts, no biggie. Having to revive someone. Hahaha… no one was there to be revived. I asked people if they would get downed for me to revive them. In short, I needed a whole hour for that. Yes it is a multiplayer game but as Bethesda gives no incentives to actually play together was everything can be soloed except scorchqueen so no, putting that in was just *starts to gag*

Next Three badges, naive me back to the start "Okay, so three world events by the scouts then?" Oh boy no. Some random, hidden away and not further explained tasks need to be done. Nothing in game hints you were to find requirements for it, or how to track it. Ten minutes googling later, i was sitting at the console and entered the quiz answers. Next came the hunter badge, killing 50 enemies, no problem. Test and crafting ammo also done easily. But repairing a crossbow, which I of course did hardly damage, three times. Why Bethesda why? It is artifical, makes absolutely no sense and is just to bog you down.


Then sport badge. First of all finding the ranges even if you knew the locations already, is ridiculous. If you do not know it, you will have hardly any guideline what to look out for- Poor design yet again! Okay, doing the three courses, yada yada. But way, if he says go you are not allowed to run off. You must wait another 10s for the quest to trigger the first checkpoints. Otherwise, back to the start…

Now that were the easy task. Now are only the ones left which are just "find creatures and take a picture" or "farm your butt off for herbs and crab some ointments" or also really "enjoyable"Hacking Terminals, which are so rare especially if you were dumb enough to pick up the password discs etc…


Came back for the new content and found the same old. Boring, tedious quests. For rewards that were not worth it, for a period of time that was atrocious. No help, no pointers nothing without the wikis and reddit I would have never even been able to start the quest or progress on it. Bethesda take the Tadpole questline, look at it. That's exactly what is wrong with your game a) laziness b) too tedious c) enforcing Multiplayer for the quest whilst there are no further incentives to ever group up d) leave the player in the dark e) boring tasks, just made to prolong time spent in the game.

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