Banned. I’m the 900 hours played guy.

fallout 7 - Banned. I'm the 900 hours played guy.

FINAL EDIT: Way too many negative people here. All I really want is to play Fallout 76. Here's hoping tonight's patch resolves the issue.

EDIT: email detailing my grievances I got banned for having too much ammo.

I don't think I've once held more than 36,000 ammo at one time. 36,000 being a very specific number I am stating as that was the rough amount of 5mm ammo I had collected.

Here are some game mechanics. 5mm ammo drops from super mutants in a large quantity when it drops. I have used maybe 1000 5mm bullets in my Fallout 76 career. The bandolier perk card reduces ammo weights by 90%. Thus when Bandolier is equipped, my 5mm ammo was listed as having 0 weight. So I assumed I would just carry it forever if it weighed zero right?

Eventually I learned that that ammo did indeed have weight and I dropped it all on the ground. Then thinking that I should help other players instead, I picked it all up again and put it in a suitcase in Watoga Train Station.

Similarly, I have never had such a ridiculous amount of ammo. What I have done, however, is trade ammo back and forth between my main and secondary account as I try to decide on what guns I aim to focus on. Given the sheer amount of time I have spent playing I have legitimately collected ludicrous amounts of ammo.

My theory now is that the system is able to detect when you pick something up, but not where you got it from, nor if you dropped it. It seemingly just keeps a totals tally.

If my theory is correct a player could non stop trade ammo back and forth between another player and both would get banned.

EDIT: Super super detailed breakdown of why I think I got suspended. Involves knowing game mechanics.

To further describe my recent play time. I started leveling a second character for the first time. To do that I transferred over several thousand ammo and some armor/guns for various levels to use. Being that my main has stupid amount of play time I have a ton of ultracite ammo. 50x stable flux is easily attainable in an hour. Combine ammosmith and super duper perk cards, and you can craft huge amounts of ammo at once. In addition ultracite ammo crafts more ammo by default than regular ammo. So with the above perks you get even further bonuses.

To get all the ammo/gear from 1 character to another I had to move it to my second account to then shift it over to my main account on the second character. Sort of confusing but 1a >2>1b. I then decided that character b would primarily be grenades and mines. So I opted to move back the ammo. 1b>2>1a. Character A on account 1 now has all of the ammo again while I decide which guns I intend to specialize with. After I choose the guns (shotguns in this case) I give most of the other non used ammo back to account 2. During all of this I put the ammo into world containers, as that is far less hassle than the trade menu. And in multiple occasions I would have picked it all up again on 1 account. More or less fat fingering the R key to pick up everything while I'm alt tabbed on the wrong account.


Usually I have a stupid amount of ammo, still nothing close to the numbers they state. I can't access my account now to see how much ammo I have. In each of the ammo trades to the mule account it would've involved thousands and thousands of ammo. As stated in other posts, I know how to very quickly and easily farm ammo.

This is the best description I can give as to my understanding as to why my account is suspended. In how I play I cannot think of any other method my account would show as having the stated amounts of ammo.

email I received

My recent reddit post, detailing my adventures and large amount of experience playing Fallout 76. I even have a Bethesda employee complementing the list. I've even spent today literally writing up full detailed description on what enemies you find in each high level location.

If you actually read my posts, look into the comments and response I've made, I simply just enjoy playing Fallout 76.

I cannot be more adamant that I have never once owned an item in excess of 100,000 and I believe I have been banned due to others reporting me. I often use 2 accounts to transfer items between my characters. I even detail it in the comments of the above reddit post how and why I do this. My belief is that people see a level 450+ player trading with a level 2 character and immediately think REPORT HIM REPORT HIM REPORT HIM. I even get some players who harass me when I'm attempting to trade items.

Bethesda you need to fix this NOW. Not in a future patch. Not in a month. Now. You have banned the only legitimate player base left playing your game. I will be inputting support tickets non stop all day today.

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