Banpocalypse 2102 – Or how I avoided the ban hammer

fallout 6 - Banpocalypse 2102 – Or how I avoided the ban hammer

As is customary, I would like to start off this post with I have played 356 hours in Fallout 76 and have never duped or been associated with dupers. I have played much of my 356 hours solo. I regularly participate in trading via the many discord trading channels (first as a buyer, later as a seller). Over the course of my regular play and trading I have exchanged thousands of junk items and ammo (no way to know if it’s in the 100,000’s, but I’m guessing some items are close to that). During the Thanos snap on dupes, I didn’t lose a single item. I have not been banned.

“What are some of the things you avoided?” you might ask.

Duping – Sure I was interested and even tempted. I watched the YouTube videos on how to do it, bought as second account and then stopped myself. I looked back on my (long) gaming career and realized how quickly my interest in a game evaporated once I started cheating. Once the challenges of the game are removed, you become like Neo in the Matrix, slightly annoyed at the challenges presented to you and walking through the world with little or no challenge. I did not want that for my beloved (yes, I said beloved) Fallout series, so I didn’t do it.

White Knighting (Dupe Hunters) – This one is going to be controversial, but I rather suspect that a decent number of our most recently banned comrades fall into this category. These are the people that heard about duping and said “How can I get in on that action and not have guilty conscious about it?” Hence our White Knights were born. These were the a-holes that took it on themselves to run around looking for dupers to steal their loot and proclaim “Victory” in the face of evil-doers. Sure you dumped that loot into the bottom of a lake, I believe you.

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Sketchy Trades – Got some guy offering you 10,000 Nuka grapes for your trade? Take a hard pass on that one. I don’t think I need to go more into this one. But if you’re a trader, you probably had this happen to you. Just don’t do it.

Picking up obvious dupes – Folks when you see a suitcase with multiple stacks of 10,000 items, it was duped. Don’t pick it up and if you do, submit a ticket explaining what happened (might be easy to do if you thought you were picking up someone’s “extras” at a trading post). Bethesda already said you shouldn’t pick these up, you should just let them evaporate into the aether.

This is my admission – All right, here is my admission (yes, ever ban post has to have one). I certainly had weapons in my possession that had been duped. As I have pointed out in some prior posts, it’s impossible for someone who spends anytime in any of the trade channels to not know which weapons were targeted for duplication. Hell, I had some guy just GIVE me a TSE Combat Shotgun. It was duped. However, I didn’t lose a single item during the de-dupe patch because I did not exploit to have multiple of these items and the ones I did purchase were personal use. Personally, before the nerf they were stupid OP so I tended not to use them and after the nerf they were no more powerful that my main guns, but with the added risk of blowing yourself up. So I would say 90% of the time I didn’t even use these. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have traded for them.

Everyone stay safe out there, it’s a dangerous place and here is hoping for a good patch today!

TLDR; Don’t do bad stuff so you don’t get banned.

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