BBQ event / C.A.M.P. Party

fallout 3 - BBQ event / C.A.M.P. Party

BBQ and your invited https://imgur.com/gallery/GPngqRU

First off I personally want to say Bethesda you guys are doing a great job. I was a NA sayer had allot of hate for the game in the beginning. We have been through many rough patches together lol but things are turning around for the better i believe so I'd like to offer this half baked idea.


Host a BBQ event This event would be everything you would need to prepare for a party. This cost caps or atoms maybe both to host – this creates a server event on your camp and your camp will be active all day. benefits: temporarily boost your build space and carrying compasity, special indicator on your base and brings more people to your base to show off Your build or to show off what your vending while keeping your camp up all day. Giving the player more of the chance to sell to more customers. Requirements to active quest Preparing for the party: Collect 300 plates, silverware, napkins, cups. *obtain plan for party decor Collect wood to make paper posters. Collect paint to make posters. Set up multiple posters across map. Side missions: Find sponsor fighters. (Supermutant vs supermutant maybe ghoul or assaultron in place to change things up) *obtain plan for fighters belt. Activate radio stations to broadcast the event with roses help from the top of the world.must complete gain roses trust before continuing. *obtain plans for crafting party speakers and dj booth. Prepare food: Hunt / gather 300 of 3 types of meat or 3 types of plant. *obtain plans for freezers! Please! Bethesda for the love of fallout give me a fridge/freezer. the reward for completing Hunter /gather BQQ quest. Preparing drink: Biv is our go to man! Craft 100 brews unlock beer keg (currently no way of unlocking. Please comment if i am wrong. Would ready love this at my base currently). Craft 200 unlock beer pong table, corn hole and more plans. Carft 300 quest complete. Biv "drinks are stocked" Ready for your order To active this on your camp you go to Biv During the event players can gather, trade show off build and buys. Eat, drink possible bet on the wasteland sponsor fight. Unfortunately the smell of food the load music attracted unwanted company.. At the end of the event or maybe triggered once a number of ppl arrive have a "party's busted" this is why the player gets a temp build space upgrade (or maybe it's permanent once the quest is fully completed) to prepare to defend thier base to the fullest. The bust comes in 3 waves ending with 3 lvl 95 sheepsquatch. Good luck and hopefully you were a good enough host to have friends to help defend your camp when it gets busted.

Well there it is so please by all means if someone has something to add id like to see Bethesda take this and run with it.

Edit: sorry for the layout phone typed.

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