Becoming the leader of the institute should have given you more of an option to make it a better faction.

fallout 6 - Becoming the leader of the institute should have given you more of an option to make it a better faction.

Bethesda missed a major opportunity with how they handled the end game choices of becoming the leader of the institute and ending the game in a diplomatic way. You only have 3 endings to the institute side, choosing to have the minute men stand down or executed, forcing the minute men to ally with you, or making an effort to spread pro-institute propaganda but ONLY IF you have good relations with Piper.


I sort of want to expand on that pseudo "pro-institute" ending, and the overall institute ending. The soul survivor should have been given more of an option as to how they want to run the institute, and how they want to deal with the factions. This is where a vast majority of the diplomatic side comes in (which the charisma and speech side of the game desperately needed). First of all when talking to father:

  • Being able to convince him to halt or alter how the generation 3 synths are produced and sent out to the CW. I.E. convincing/joining forces with Father and the institute to change the rules and make the Gen-3 synths more of a "last option" rather than an "only option " ( for example, recreating life during natural disasters, or making it a medical option in cases of wrongful death or extending life in the most moral way possible)
  • Failing to convince father of the above should make him more aggressive with his own plans for the institute, and make siding with the institute more like taking a back seat to his plans while dealing with backlash from the other factions

HOWEVER there also can be a secondary option of father letting you take control of the institute and taking the full responsibility of the fate of it ( this can be put in place either if you fail to convince father OR before hand in the initial dialogue). This can also lead into having the option to eliminate all or most of the negative repercussions of joining them:

  • being able to talk down the railroad and have a stable relationship, or peace treaty with them and the railroad.
  • as far as the BoS is concerned, this is the faction that should have been in the "Pinned" Quest. Since Elder Maxson is a very radical PRO-HUMAN activist with his vision of the BoS and their morals, he should be the absolute hardest to convince to ally with you or stand down from aggression.

To further expand on the BoS issue, here is a brainstorm of the ways you can handle the situation, should you take over as leader of the institute to make it better for the CW and the world:

  • The absolute best case scenario is assuming you have a very high standing with the BoS and you can convince Elder Maxson (through a slew of speech checks) to BEGIN to have faith in your decisions to make the institute less of an aggressive press on humanity and more of a huge medical/moral advancement.
  • Should you fail to convince Maxson this way, OR if you do not have a high standing with the BoS, you will be put in the position you would otherwise be in with the minute men in the "Pinned" Quest. You would either have to execute the BoS or talk Maxson down and have him be on standing terms with you, but not necessarily siding with you. This opens up the ending for fallout 5 to expand on how its world is affected post-(insert ending of Fo4).

Fallout 4 has a lot of issues with how it handles diplomacy, but I think its the most apparent With the institute and dealing with father, the BoS, and the other factions as you reach the end game. Personally this is how I would have wanted it to be. I know it wont change anything, bit I figured I'd shed some light on what could have been a great way to handle charisma/speech and the institute ending of the game.

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