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fallout 7 - Best Faction to End With

Now I'm not talking about a gameplay-wise perspective here I mean in a lore sense what is the best faction for the future of the Commonwealth and for humanity as a whole. I'd love to hear your opinions on this but here's my two cents:

Railroad: Arguably the worst faction to side with. While they have a very strong moral purpose which is to rescue synths and fight the Institute, once it's been destroyed and the synths liberated what now? Once all the synths have been rescued where do they go next? They haven't markedly improved the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth and certainly not for humanity as a whole. Their whole purpose was to make life better for one specific group and once the Railroad ending is completed no more synths can be produced. So 4/10 from me. Good intentions but no long term plan.

Brotherhood of Steel: If the karma system was still in Fallout 4 then these guys would definitely be on the evil side of it, in my opinion. As many others have pointed out they're pretty much metal sky Nazis with their attitudes towards anything non-human. While their fight against the super mutants and feral ghouls may hold some weight the attitude towards sentient ghouls and synths and pretty much on par with Fallout 3's Enclave and we all know how much karma we lost for using the modified FEV on Project Purity. So while for the populace at large I think they'd do a great deal of good for the humans, it's everyone else that brings them down. 6/10


Minutemen: Again we're ignoring the gameplay aspect of this because in-game the Minutemen suck ass but from a lore perspective the Sole Survivor could EASILY militarize them and make them a force to be reckoned with. Strong ideals and with the rate the Minutemen grow in-game, and with how strong you can arm settlements, it's easily one of the best things to happen to the Commonwealth. They'd be able to protect their own and never turning people away that need help. They could pretty much become an East Coast NCR with their growth, becoming a real strong force for good and safety among the wastelands. 9/10

Institute: So while the Institute is framed as the 'bad guys' for Fallout 4 and there is some merit to that I feel that it's coming from a very pre-conceived 'technology bad' attitude. There is no denying the harm that the Institute did under Father, but once the story complete and you become Director you would be free to steer the Institute in a direction you saw fit. There is already talk among many of the Institute scientists about synths being much more than machines so it's not inconceivable that as Director you could lean everyone away from this attitude and create a much more positive environment for the synths. Also you can create programs that will benefit the Commonwealth and it's people. Much like with the Minutemen, being in charge means you control the direction it goes in. Even Shaun himself says that you shouldn't try to follow in his footsteps and create your own direction. With the massive advancements the Institute can create and the huge quality of life boosts they can provide there is no doubt that from a lore perspective they can markedly improve everyone's lives and with a near endless army of gen 1 and 2 synths to deploy literally ANYWHERE they want they can easily defend their holdings too. So in my opinion the Institute has the potential to be the best ending for Fallout 4. 10/10

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