Best places for deposits. Mining is the way forward

fallout 5 - Best places for deposits. Mining is the way forward

As /u/EnigmaT1m recently posted about how good Lucky Hole Mine is for lead deposits compared to gyms etc I thought I'd check out every single mine/cave/whatever and let you all know exactly what you can find there. I didn't do a full count of static loot like screwdrivers, abraxo etc but I did note down fusion cores, power armour and deposits, as well as what I walked away with from each location, and the enemies I encountered there.

This list is still a WIP so please bear with me. I have currently only recorded a single visit to each and added what I remember from previous visits, so don't take everything as 100%! Any location not on this list such as Abandoned Mine Shaft 3 are locations I found nothing of interest and so didn't think it was worth adding them.

Format is as follows:

Name of Location: # of depostits – # of ore gathered

Enemies: types of enemies

Notes: Extra things found like PA or Fusion Cores as well as some info on where the deposits can be found etc.


Belching Betty: 7 black titanium deposits, 1 ultracite – 52 BT ore and 1 UC ore

Enemies: Scorched (obviously)

Notes: I didn't check the burning areas as I didn't have the firebreathers outfit on me and black titanium depostits are fairly hard to see in this cave as it's Dr.Disrespect levels of black on black, so I *may* have missed some. There were also signs of another player passing through recently so other deposits may have been gathered beforehand. This is still a great source of BT though! 2 fusion cores can be found in this cave, one as a world spawn on a shelf and another in a generator at the end of the mine.

Abandoned Mine Shaft 5: 4 Iron deposits – 48 iron ore

Enemies: Feral Ghouls (normally level 14-22 but will scale to 68)

Notes: Fast Travel puts you slightly South East of the mine shaft (beware of potential mole miner spawns) and iron deposits are slightly out of the way so I may have missed a couple. Head South West to find a small metal building with 1 fusion core found in a generator outside. Head to the stairs and jump over the railings onto the cliffside to find the iron deposits.

Abandoned Mine Site Kittery: 1 coal deposit – 4 Unrefined Coal

Enemies: None, a few feral mongrels spawn just east of you that you might aggro

Notes: Not really worth hitting this location up but something to note is that there is a token exchange terminal here… I've yet to see an event pop up in this location and there are no NPC's in the area. Terminal is owned by Hornwright Industrial, potential future content?

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The Burning Mine: 7 coal deposits – 24 Unrefined Coal

Enemies: Mole Miners, Scorched. Occasionally both

Notes: Up the stairs you'll find a small mining building with a static spawn minigun, a PA spawn that has a decent chance of T-45 or T-60 and a level 1 locked safe. Inside the mine you will find a plan spawn inside the broken filing cabinet to your immediate right (today it was a trapper torso for me), and another power armour spawn through the double doors. After this point prepare for what is my least favourite area in the entire game. With visuals nearing on impossible (to the point the smoke is so thick you don't know it's an area you can pass through) due to the smoke, fire damage causing that to deteriorate even more and lights on PA not helping, sometimes even making it worse due to graphical glitches with how light against smoke works. I didn't spend much time actively searching this mine because of this, but the two PA spawns, the 20 or so toolboxes and the two safes are still worth doing a quick run through this mine.


AMS Testing Site: Nothing

Enemies: Protectron Strikebreakesr, Feral Mongrels, Scorched

Notes: 1 PA spawn in the big hanger, 1 fusion core in a generator behind it.

Abandoned Mine Shaft 1: 9 Aluminium Deposits – 76 Aluminium Ore

Enemies: Mole Miners

Notes: These deposits are a little spread out. 4 on the cliff that the mine shaft shack is on and 5 behind the mine shaft itself.

Hornwright Testing Site #03: 13 Iron, 1 Copper, 7 Lead deposits – 4 copper ore, 128 iron ore, 88 lead ore

Enemies: None, may aggro Scorchbeasts flying nearby

Notes: Iron deposits are mostly located directly to your right as you fast travel here on the cliff. 3 on the path you arrive at and the rest above you. Some of these can be a bit of a hassle to harvest so don't worry about them too much. Lead is directly behind you just past the digger and the copper is down the stairs once you enter the location along with one or two iron deposits.

Gauley Mine: 5 gold deposits – 32 gold ore

Enemies: Scorched

Notes: Very low level area, there is a second exit that can be found to the north-east but isn't marked on the map. Inside the mine you can find a locked door that requires a code. The code can be found in the mine but for the lazy ones it's 071990. Doesn't lead to much but it's some extra junk. The gold deposits are in a heavily radiated area so bring rad protection.

Lucky Hole Mine: 8 crystal, 17 lead – 212 Lead Ore, 68 Raw Crystal

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Enemies: Mole Miners & Mole Rats, some Glowing Ants

Notes: As you enter the mine there's a Power Armour through a door to your left. It's chained however so you have to go up the stairs next to the door and find a spot to drop down into the room. There are two locked doors, a level 2 and level 3 lock as you progress through the cave, both of which can be bypassed by just exploring. There is also a keypad door, the code for which is found outside in one of the small shacks (238963 for you lazy people).

There was a room I could see beyond the final area of the LHM but could not figure a way through. It has a steamer chest inside but no sign of how to get into it, looked around the entire mine and found no path so guessing you access it from a different entrance. If I missed something then please let me know.

Ones I haven't visited but are obvious:

Glassed Cavern – Ultracite

Blackwater Mine – Black Titanite


I haven't done a proper check of Big Bend Tunnel yet but unfortunately have to go to bed, so will continue to update this after Christmas or whenever I get a chance to get away from the family over the next few days. If you want me to check out any specific locations then let me know down below and I'll travel to them and give them a look!

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