Beta has BLOWN me AWAY

fallout 1 - Beta has BLOWN me AWAY

This is my honest first day beta review. Let it be noted that I played with a close friend and I’ve played the pre beta

Right out of the gate (or should I say vault) I had only one major issue. My friend couldn’t join my team and we didn’t appear as Xbox friends to each other at all. That didn’t stop us though. We simply just traveled with each other while not being on the same team. We did the first couple quests then went off on our own adventure. Unlike any other fallout game I had fun “ doing nothing” we had just walked around heading south of the vault and and time we came acrossed a town we would clear it and take the quests and loot but never participate in the quests or events. Just roaming the country side with few enemies here and there was fun but relaxing. We didn’t get much xp which is weird because we killed a lot of things but quests are the big xp givers. After the about 2 hour mark we decided to set up camp. Since we were still in separate teams we couldn’t build together, but we could build with in a full sprints distance. The building is simple and useful. I look back and see all we’ve done and how little we’ve done. The game is packed full of great content and fun encounters. I waited so long for this to come true and it finally has. We barely explored a 5%of the map I would say. Besides the team function not working I would say this game is a 9/10 for a first day experience



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