Bethesda… Bethesda never changes.

fallout 2 - Bethesda... Bethesda never changes.

This is Patch 11. Patch Eleven.

  • Bethesda's patches have consistently introduced more bugs than they fixed, and the bugs they fix are very rarely critical bugs.

  • The bugs they fix usually aren't fixed anyway.

  • The only content that receives constant, consistent, and immediate attention is the Atom Shop.

  • Nuclear Winter > Survival > Adventure seems to be the priority for Beth. It's easier to troubleshoot issues in a tiny game mode with preset conditions, as opposed to a giant open World where everyone can do what they want.

  • Lots of perfunctory responses, promises, and apologies. Like most, I was happy to see members of Beth's team posting here. Now I realize that they're just spin doctors. Todd's fake-ass apology about the launch was a nice touch, too. Locked in the stocks of town square for the day; forced to eat crow. It gave players a nice sense of justice and actually convinced us they were going to do something about the game.

  • Remember when the Lever Action reload bug made it through 3 FO4 DLCs, all of FO76 development, Alpha, BETA, and the first ~3 months of live gameplay? A bug that was reported probably 10 minutes after someone started playing Far Harbor during development? "Eh, modders will fix it."

  • No pun intended, but people have been SCREAMING for text-chat, and overall better communication since BETA. A modder made a text chat mod that is literally a .dll file (or at least it was a few months ago). It had global chat, trade chat, and private chat options. We're 8 months in and I still can't even use your stock VOIP because the service is blocked by a lot of big-time telecom companies (long story for another post — if you're on PC and can't get voice chat to work HMU, I can probably tell you why).

I posted a similar thread back during launch, but the point still stands — Bethesda clearly does not play their own game, nor do they understand how a vast majority of their players want to play their game. This game is / was clearly being designed on paper, but rarely tested in application for practicality. They never dive deep into bug testing, balancing, and QoL-related things (I'll give them credit for the Power Armor HUD option — I hate the Power Armor HUD, feels like a god damn submarine).

Get it together, Bethesda. We all want the same thing, but you keep shitting the bed with amateur-level mistakes. A vast majority of the common requests are not unreasonable.

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