Bethesda Consider Revisiting the Perk System to Make it Less Tedious

fallout 2 - Bethesda Consider Revisiting the Perk System to Make it Less Tedious

I do like the current system but it's definitely got some problems that are really starting to grind my gears.

In this game we spend a lot of time crafting different items and for each item it seems like there is a different perk card that we need to swap in and out in order to gain different benefits. All this means is lots of tedious efforts spent on the perk screen trying to find the cards we need then finding the cards we want to put back. Recently I accidentally put back in a 1 star starched genes after swapping in super duper. Because of this I lost mutations I did not want to due to radaway. I've done this many of times over with different cards and it always happens when I'm swapping in and out crafting / QOL cards. As if the process isn't tedious enough already, This just makes it outright frusting. It's not that I'm forgetful, lots of distractions and events happen in this game so it's quite easy to end up doing something else and not realising that you haven't swapped back the cards. I do not see how the current system adds anything to the game play experience?

Wouldn't be it better if QOL and functional cards were separated out from the perk system? It could then be focused around combat and survival.

QOL / functional stuff would be better suited to a separate, permanent skill tree. Progress could be made here either by levelling or even better in my opinion – by doing.

Let's take lock pick for example. This could be improved over time by lockpicking more and more or finding a book on lock picking that boosted your progress. The more more you lock pick, the more your lockpicking skill would level allowing you to breach higher tier locks. The same system could be applied to crafting.


Edit: A response I made to better explain how crafting by doing could work in relation to passive perks.

A step in the right direction but what about other crafting cards? Remember there's a lot of cards to swap in and out when crafting. Separate cards for the following;

– Super Duper

– 200% Weapon Repairs

– 200% Armour repirs

– Cheaper Armour Repairs

– Ammo Smithing

– Cheaper PA repairs

– Base defences

– Weapon crafting + Mods

– armour crafting + mods

And that's not even the lot. That's a heck of a lot of cards to micromanage at base. As if micromanaging our inventories isn't time consuming enough! 🙂

These could all be fleshed out into a separate skill tree that is permanently bound to our characters. Over time we could level them by performing actions that relate to the category. For example, if you craft guns a lot then you will unlock new mods and be able to do it more cost effectively. Repairing weapons makes you better at it allowing you to reach better durability levels and do it cheaper… etc

This type of system would be a lot more organic and give the players a bit more sense of achievement.

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