Bethesda deserves all the criticism it gets

fallout 7 - Bethesda deserves all the criticism it gets

I'm a lvl 200 player and enjoy playing this game though this game is still very, very deeply flawed. Now i am aware i will get either downvoted or ignored because any kind of criticism gets downvoted, no matter if it's legit or not, but i need to talk about this. Since wastelanders i picked this game up again and frequented this particular subreddit and i've seen many posts complaining about youtubers and generally people giving bad reviews. Don't get me wrong, i don't support review bombing especially if they haven't even played the game but fallout 76 remains nonetheless a very buggy game and thus it deserves getting criticized heavily. I love this community it's probably the kindest i've ever seen but they seem to be too forgiving with Bethesda. Here a list of bugs i've encountered since the last few days.

  • Sometimes i can't progress Dialogue and have to leave and speak to the npc's again. Happens multiple times in a row.

  • Sometimes i can't interact with NPC's and vendors

  • Sometimes the language changes from the one i chose to english

  • In one of the ally quests and the last main quest of wastelanders i couldn't progress anymore and i had to reload game and do the entire thing again.

  • Energy weapon armor penetration still not working correctly. Only the base dmg is applied. Before that energy armor penetration didn't work for several months! (maybe half a year or more i don't know exactly) until bethesda "fixed" this issue. This is a big issue for energy gun users…

  • Speed demon and class freak not working. A community manager said they're aware of this issue and it is allegedly only visual bug. That was 11 months ago and the bug still remains.

  • Melee hits but takes no damage. I've encountered this bug the first time roughly a year ago and it still hasn't been fixed. This is a very big issue for melee users… And Bethesda just… doesn't do anything.

  • Many blue screens. I've encountered many blue screens. I didn't count them but i think it was about 5+.

  • Infinite loading screens. Not as common as bluescreens but happen as well.

  • Spawn inside walls of other player's camps. This issue is as old as player vending. When you spawn at another player's camp and you're standing where a structure is being loaded then you'll get trapped inside the wall.

  • Can't inspect weapon of player vendors

  • Don't gain Reputation correctly when you skip dialogue

  • Character doesn't leave workbench. This bug is very old as well and has reportedly been fixed but actually not. Doesn't happen as often though as it used to.

  • Fast travel doesn't work, sometimes it takes up to 4 tries to fast travel until it works. This bug is old as well.

  • Brightness in general. Bethesda said they improved it but actually it got worse. Some fairly big surfaces especially inside buildings are so bright they're just completely white and no texture is visible at all.

  • Emote wheel sometimes turns into weapon wheel

  • When searching for specific components that little magnifying glass doesn't show up anymore. This is a new one.

Now remember these are just the bugs i've personally ran into within the last few days. And it's not like i've been searching for these bugs. I didn't try to find these bugs so i can complain. These are just bugs that happen often enough that they get annoying. And some of them are really really bad. But that's not all. I'm sure you've heard of the NPC's that steal your weapon when you die, the power armor parts that disappears as you enter the power armor, the vending bug where other players can purchase items directly from your stash even though you're not selling it. And much much more bugs.

On top of that the performance is terrible. I play on ps4 so i can't say for sure but from personal experience i can tell that the fps hardly ever reach 30 and drop very often down to 20 or even lower. Sometimes i could literally count the frames so yeah there's that. Also i'd like to point out that my ps4 isn't the problem here since it can run doom eternal on 60fps without any noticeable frame drops. And the graphics… well i don't mind it that much but still fo76 doesn't look much better than fallout 4 and that game already looked outdated when it released in 2015. And the animations are still the same from skyrim (i didn't play the older ES games) where sometimes the NPC's gets stuck and it walks in circles trying to get out while keeping eye contact. That's kind of funny though. Also pop ins are the rule and not the exception. And so far i've only covered the technical aspects of this game, i have some issues with the endgame as well and don't forget about the other scandals, like the canvas bag, fallout 1st/no pay to win etc. but i'll leave it at that for now.

And now keep it mind fallout 76 released back in 2018. And it still remains the game that looks the worst on my ps4, has the lowest fps, has the most bugs and has caused the big majority of bluescreens i've ever experienced. Well some people may have a different opinion on the visuals but the rest is s fact. Yet i see a lot of people defending Bethesda, even though they don't deserve it. I gotta say wastelanders was a great addition. Let's give credit where credit is due. But that doesn't make up for everything. After everything i'm worried about the future of Bethesda. Especially after i've heard they intend to keep using the same buggy engine for starfield and ES6. What are your thoughts about this? Why are you defending Bethesda? Don't you think they should've waited at least a year or two to release a functional game? Hopefully you'll acknowledge that i'm not just a hater but a frustrated and concerned vault dweller. Thanks for reading.

TL;DR: Bethesda deserves the criticism because they made a myriad of bad decisions and fallout 76 remains a very poorly optimized and buggy game 1.5 years after release

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