Bethesda: Do NOT make this game free to play

fallout 6 - Bethesda: Do NOT make this game free to play

Theres been some talk by gaming journalists that this game may make more sense to go free to play in the future. I just want to say do NOT do that!

Fallout with free to play mechanics, essentially making you pay more money to fully enjoy the game, would be the biggest slap in the face to your fanbase. While this is a multiplayer game, it is nothing like ESO where something like that would make sense.

You silently nerfed resource gathering already, and you've made XP even bigger a slog to earn. Do not start selling things that will "boost" these, that would be the greediest thing I could possibly imagine.


edit: I just want to say that I posted this as an experiment. I in no way thought that it would succeed as well as it did, and the mere fact that it became the most upvoted topic on a sub that generally likes the game shows how much doubt there really is in Bethesda's integrity right now. While the content of my post was somewhat unfounded (there really was an article speaking about f2p and fo76, but I too do not believe that will ever actually happen), it goes to show how much doubt there really is in the developer right now, and it also goes to prove how big of an echo chamber this website has truly become. Someone says something and a few agree, and then thousands will run wild with it. 5000 upvotes. Just fu*king wow. Mods of this sub, I think it may be time to crack down a little harder on stuff, cause this should not have hit top upvoted post.

EDIT 2: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/the-future-of-fallout-76/ Here is the article in question that brought the idea of posting this experiment of mine

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