Bethesda, enough is enough.

fallout 4 - Bethesda, enough is enough.

I, like most, were really looking forward to today; a decent-looking update with much-needed bug fixes, the ability to reliably fight the Colossal Wendigo, and a new community event to support my favourite faction; the Brotherhood of Steel.

When I got on after the maintenance, I was surprised to see 2 free items and a new free death bag – a massive improvement to the usually free ‘gift’ of an icon (I’m not gonna get started on that here) – and I was even more hopeful for this new update. I’ve saved up around 20k steel to drop at ATLAS and get these ‘new’ packages that I thought would be filled with maybe some new apparel items or rare plans, hell maybe even the Brotherhood paint jobs! I think the enthusiasm drained out of me after the 3rd package I opened after I saw alcohol filling up my inventory, I felt just a wave of dread come over me as I realised what this meant, but there was a little hope in me that maybe I was mistaken.

I was not.

These ‘rewards’ are nothing more than re-skinned Christmas gifts. Full of alcohol, prime receiver and motion-assisted servos power armour plans, and I think worst of all, bloater grenades – items you can’t sell, trade, or even just drop without having to confirm you want to do so. You had such a GREAT opportunity here to get the community involved in pitching together to help support the new faction coming to 76, and in return for donating an obnoxiously large amount of our precious scrap, we get a little box filled with alcohol, not-so-rare plans, and a handful of caps. At least the Xmas gifts gave junk and a chance to get up to 500 caps per gift, this is an absolute joke, and quite frankly insulting to the community that has stood with this game all through its rough lifetime.

I get you want to help out the new people by giving them a bunch of plans, but what about the veterans of 76? The ones who have dealt with the endless bugs, glitches, and trashed economy since the beginning? This event is nothing more than a virtual spit in the face to us, especially since the majority of the resources that will be donated in this event will likely come from us who have filled up our tiny stash boxes, or even splashed out on Fallout 1st to get the scrapbox.


Ever since Wastelanders came out I have defended this game against anyone saying it’s a waste of money and is not worth anyone’s time by saying that it is getting better, and that Bethesda have learned from their mistakes and are genuinely trying to improve the game. But now it’s getting hard to just stand by and watch as you feed us recycled content that’s diluted down to give even worse rewards like that is a good idea. And I know I’m not the only player who is angry with this event right now, with the pitiful rewards that aren’t even worth wasting scrap on. I would rather be able to make my ammo to grind worthwhile events thank you very much.

My suspicions are that any new BoS-themed content that could’ve been added as rewards for this are being saved until the next DLC drops so you can put them on the store and charge us atoms for them – something that’s incredibly hard to grind for now since the main way of getting them was replaced by the SCORE challenges, so now it’s a lot harder to obtain them without spending real money on them (don’t think we didn’t notice).

If all you do care about is money, then why don’t you actually put more effort into the content you put out to make the community you have stay and play, and likely spend money on. Otherwise it’s just going to turn into another scenario where everyone starts to leave again because we’re finally done with being fed the same thing with a different look that’s labelled ‘new’ content.

I love the Fallout series, I really do, that’s the main reason I’ve stayed this long, but honestly I really hope someone from Bethesda reads this and realises that it won’t be long before the player-base starts to shrink again because there’s nothing new being added, just re-skinned, re-named, recycled content.

Thank you for reading this, if you’re a fellow wastelander and agree with any of this, add to the noise I’m trying to make to get Bethesda to notice this problem. If you’re from Bethesda, please don’t think this is just an angry player who doesn’t matter, because even if everyone doesn’t agree with every point I’ve made, I know the majority will agree with a lot of the points I’ve made, and the least you could do is acknowledge the problem and show us you’re trying to do something about it.

TL;DR – I was excited for patch 21, the community event rewards are recycled diluted Christmas gifts, and Bethesda needs to stop being so lazy with the effort they put in before the player base starts to die off again.

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