Bethesda Fans Blame Fallout 76 And Its Notoriety On Youtubers Instead of Bethesda.

fallout 1 - Bethesda Fans Blame Fallout 76 And Its Notoriety On Youtubers Instead of Bethesda.

Sorry to anyone who actually thinks this way and believe that Youtubers are the problem.

But I'm taking a firm stand on this one.

I was very shocked watching this video. Usually I end up seeing these posts on the actual reddit page and usually they aren't payed that much attention to. But sadly thats changed. And I now believe that things have gone a bit too far.

I have defended both sides of the coin for a while now. I've stated before that I completely understand people finding enjoyment in this game. Its a open world sandbox with guns and quests and its pretty beautiful. Of course someone could find or make their own fun. I was able to have some fun too. I don't play much anymore as I've been very unlucky and have constantly run into bugs, game breaking ones. It's stopped me from playing many times, sometimes its been one after another.


With all that being said, enjoyment is one thing, denial is another. Its no secret that Bethesda screwed up. They did. They have. And they are. To this day. And they will most likely screw up again in a few days, maybe hours? I don't know why. I hate that I expect that from them. But something is clearly wrong. They made a lot of bad choices. To deny that or blame it on something else is just in my mind at least absolutely crazy. But whats crazier is to say that there is no problem and that its all Youtubers faults for making so many negative reviews and videos about Fallout 76.

I can't even begin to explain how wrong that is. I actually thought we as a community at the very least were all on the some page that at the very least Bethesda messed up to some degree and even if enjoyment can be found Fallout 76 was a flawed game in one way or another. But to completely deny everything and to blame it on Youtubers. Jeez. And to see that many upvotes on the post being talked about in the video? Its really disheartening to be honest.

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