Bethesda from 2011 before Skyrim launch: “The two most requested features we get are dragons and multiplayer. We got one of them this time!”

fallout 2 - Bethesda from 2011 before Skyrim launch: "The two most requested features we get are dragons and multiplayer. We got one of them this time!"

With all the controversy with the FO76 BETA, I want to address a few points:

1.) If most understood game development (via years of modding and or real world experience), FO76's watered down single-player gameplay would not be a surprise to you (Howard even addressed this 7 years ago).

What was a surprise to me personally was the stability of the servers and game itself given that it was the first inception of multiplayer in a singleplayer only engine and company (ESO is made by Zenimax).

2.) "FO76 is FO4 with multiplayer, it reuses assets and is not worth $60 / should be a DLC"

Multiplayer is incredibly difficult to implement into a single-player engine/game that you either hire some of the best talent in the industry or you hire a studio that specializes in multiplayer to do it for you which eats a lot of your budget, development time, and general workflow changes given all the added complexities, especially with a game like ES/FO.

This leads to reusing assets. If reusing some assets saves budget costs and speeds up that games release by 6-12+ months, we can all agree some of us can agree it was worth it given the undertaking of multiplayer alone. Look at every multiplayer mod attempt by the community to make Fall out and Elder Scrolls multiplayer.. Its extremely hard and the promising recent one is Skyrim Together which is by far the most organized and skilled attempt to date. TES3MP is also a worthy mention since that team has worked almost a decade on it but its not really a "mod".


3.) The Future.. Game companies are really good at making that one game. Rockstar has GTA and RD. The Creative Assembly has Total War, Bethesda has ES and FO, the list goes on. Not only do the developers want to grow their game to something bigger and better, so do the long-time fans. Good companies listen to their fans but also its human nature to try something new and risky in order to continue to grow. We should be celebrating the fact that for the first time in decades, Bethesda is gaining experience in making a multiplayer inception of one of their titles.

Given that they are planning to support private, custom moddable servers, the hard lifting is done in regards to impossible network code. If you're a PC player, you know that modding is everything when it comes to Bethesda games unlike EA games. We can literally create our own NPCs if we wanted to. The freedom is there to expand on the game.

Lastly, lets not talk about the past Bethesda games as some golden age of perfection.

Skyrim for example was a shit show of a launch and even today there is a community patch that exists that fixes bugs 6-7 years later. There are valid concerns about FO76 but a large voice of people want Bethesda to fail and no one is allowed to have fun playing FO76 because it doesn't check all the boxes that they expect without understanding the compromises of making a game like this.

Edit: part about "we can all agree" as I dont like broad brushes either and I know it's a subjective opinion which I dont apply to all games.


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