Bethesda has bigger things to worry about than workshop production rates and other MINOR tweaks. (Rant)

fallout 4 - Bethesda has bigger things to worry about than workshop production rates and other MINOR tweaks. (Rant)

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve played through this game being largely unaffected by any game breaking bugs. I have been inconvenienced and bothered, but nothing has stopped me from enjoying the game which I have been staunchly supporting since launch.

Today I logged on, after waiting a very long time for servers to come back up, and none of my power armor mods were working. The paint was stripped off and even now I can’t seem to get it back on. Some of the mods work now, some don’t. I’ve relogged with each individual piece in my inventory, and again with each piece in my stash. Still broken. I have finally encountered a bug that is persisting and making the game less fun for me. I can deal with that on its own, but now I’m seeing that Bethesda dropped a bunch of ninja nerfs into this patch. That pisses me off. We are up to our eyes in bugs and Bethesda is concerned about how many fusion cores people can get an hour? Guess what, fusion cores are worthless anyways, I have 30 and I have dropped well over twice that because they’re fu*king heavy!

Bethesda said they would communicate with us and be transparent, but this is the opposite of transparency. If they want our feedback they can post real patch notes.

Here’s my feedback: You want to make the game more grindy? Fine, maybe work on a real endgame. I’m tired of nuking whitesprings or the fissure site prime. Don’t de-incentivize workshops which are already basically worthless or not worth the risk of losing due to a disconnect. My last bit of feedback, which is probably the most important one, is FIX YOUR FU*KING GAME BEFORE YOU START SUCKING THE FUN OUT OF IT. How disconnected from the community can you be?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but maybe some of these complaints are valid. If they are, we need to make our voices heard.

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Edit: I understand that the team that fixes bugs and the balance team are not the same. It’s just frustrating that the balance team seems to be going in the wrong direction, in my opinion.

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