Bethesda, here’s why your stance on push-to-talk is bad.

fallout 8 - Bethesda, here's why your stance on push-to-talk is bad.

Your aim is to create an 'alive world' but by having a live mic be the only voice chat option you've only made it more dead. Nobody wants to have everything they say & sound they make broadcast to people online. Nobody wants to hear mechanical keyboards, people eating and drinking, TVs, cars and mouth breathing either.

For some reason as well the only options are 'live mic' or 'hear nothing and say nothing'. So people without voice chat on cant hear other people with voice chat on. Dumb. Me and my friends turned voice chat on to see what people were saying the other day in the beta and literally none of the people we tried to talk to had voice chat enabled. None of them. We must've went up to at least 9-10 people.


Because people don't like having every sound they make broadcast to strangers online, no one's communicating. You have to remember that while you want your world to 'be alive' the actual world we live in as 'alive' and we have other things going on and dont literally live in a vacuum chamber with nothing but your game to play.

I don't know why people are accepting your non-answer in the feedback post, it basically just says "yeah not going to happen". Please Bethesda, push to talk is direly needed if you want to have anything above minimum community interaction on PC.


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