Bethesda: I see your Scorchbeast AI trick, I don’t like it, and worse, it’s exploitable

fallout 4 - Bethesda: I see your Scorchbeast AI trick, I don't like it, and worse, it's exploitable

I've noticed something, and I've just spent about 20 minutes testing it to be sure it works that way.

If I'm within, like, a mile of a Scorchbeast, which was previously flying in little circles over its spawn point, and I'm fully , it will nevertheless slowly and casually just happen, by coincidence, to migrate towards where I was about 60 seconds ago, and then pull an, "Oh, funny meeting you here!" as if it hadn't known exactly where I was the whole time.

I spent a lot of time making sure this wasn't just a coincidence, moving erratically, making sure I stayed hidden, but I could easily take that thing anywhere I wanted as long as I kept moving.

This is mean-spirited AI. The damned things are aggravating enough to deal with, with the nonstop spam attacks that aren't any fun in a game when games are supposed to be fun, but to force the encounter like this is just what I always call a "designer d*ck move".


I can kill the damned things, sure, but it's just a giant waste of my time for no fun and practically no reward.

Also, now that I know about this, and now that I'm telling people about this, maybe you should consider that this can be exploited to train people with scorchbeasts. I could easily have drawn this guy from a conveniently-located fissure onto some newbies, with zero danger to myself, since I know not to be where I was 60 seconds ago.

It needs not to work like this.

PS: While I'm at it, you haven't fixed the encumbered-on-death-and-can't-pick-a-spawn-point bug.

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