Bethesda, if you implement mutations that can be bought with money, I will stop playing this game.

fallout 5 - Bethesda, if you implement mutations that can be bought with money, I will stop playing this game.

This involves a lot of file diving and a lot of leg work was done by /u/despotak in their changelog here. If you don't want to read it, skip to the tl;dr

In the most recent patch, there was a lot of references added to LunchBox's added. To some, this seemed like they were finally going to add LunchBoxes to replace the brown bags and were gearing up for it. However, if you look at how they name their assets and other things associated with the LunchBoxes, this looks a lot worse.

All items in the Atom Shop are named with the prefix ATX_ in FO76's game files. This is demonstrable as I have went ahead and pulled all items in the game with an ATX_ prefix. Feel free to check it out here! Theres a fair bit of items that havent been released yet too mentioned in there so if you're curious as to whats coming out soon, take a look.

In the recent update, they added multiple references to LunchBox's as spells with the ATX_ prefix. I've went ahead and listed them all below with any accompanying information I could find about them

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_CarryCapacitySpell "Gift Bag"

  • FullName: Gift Bag
  • Base Effect: FortifyCarryWeight "Fortify Carry Weight"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_CarryCapacityBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_CreaturesSpell "Plastic Animals"

  • FullName: Plastic Animals
  • Base Effect: Magazine_FortifyDamageVsAnimals_Effect "Fortify Damage Vs. Animals"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_HungerSpell "So Much Cake"

  • FullName: So Much Cake
  • Description: Too full!
  • Base Effect: ATX_Lunchbox_NoHunger_Effect

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_JumpAbility "Balloons!"

  • FullName: Balloons!
  • Description: Some pop in your step!
  • Base Effect: Mutation_FortifyJumpHeight "Fortify"

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_MutantsSpell "Fingertrap"

  • FullName: Fingertrap
  • Base Effect: FortifyDamageVsSuperMutants "Fortify Damage Vs. Super Mutants"
  • Base Effect: FortifyDamageVsGhouls "Fortify Damage Vs. Ghouls"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_RadResistSpell "Antacids"

  • FullName: Antacids
  • Base Effect: FortifyResistRadExposure "Resist Radiation Exposure"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_RobotsSpell "Noisemaker"

  • FullName: Noisemaker
  • Base Effect: FortifyDamageVsRobots "Fortify Damage Vs. Robots"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_ThirstSpell

  • Base Effect: ATX_Lunchbox_NoThirst_Effect

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_XPSpell "Sugar Rush"

  • FullName: Sugar Rush
  • Base Effect: FortifyXPBonus "XP Bonus"
  • Magnitude: ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus

FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_ConfettiSpell "Confetti"

  • FullName: Confetti
  • Base Effect: ATX_Lunchbox_PerkConfettiApply "Apply Confetti Perk"
    • FormID: ATX_Lunchbox_Confetti_Perk "Confetti Perk"
      • FullName: Confetti Perk
      • Description: Enemies may explode into Confetti!
      • Condition: ATX_Lunchbox_ConfettiChance
        • Function: GetRandomPercent

Then theres another similar to above and as far as I can tell, just details more effects of the spell like confetti bloody mess, etc.

Upon checking where these spells are referenced from, I found the lunchbox item for the Balloons! spell.

FormID: POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Consumable " Lunchbox"

  • FullName: Lunchbox
  • Description: Start the Party! Open near your friends, so everyone can enjoy!
  • Keywords: ObjectTypeChem "ChemsIcon"
  • Keywords: UnsellableObject

This is then referenced in a temporary cell named TestAtomicShop01 "Atomic Shop" showing that these are 100% intended to be placed in the Atomic Shop.

I absolutely don't mind having cosmetics in the Atomic Shop but seeing mutations, no matter how fun, is extremely worrisome. I'm happy to be proven wrong here if anyone can! I've spent a good deal of time defending 76 as just a bad release and slated to be a great game but this isn't inspiring confidence.

tl;dr Bethesda has implemented items slated for release on the Atomic Shop that are not just cosmetic but give the player purchasing it (plus maybe nearby players?) mutations that boost xp, carry weight, damage (resistance?), jump height, and some fun effects like bloody mess but with confetti instead of blood.

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