Bethesda if you work with us on the atom shop maybe you can make more money. Not a flame post.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Bethesda if you work with us on the atom shop maybe you can make more money. Not a flame post.

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I don't want to start arguments about what is P2W or not. I know Bethesda is a company and trying to make money which I don't have a problem with. This also isn't about just wanting free stuff. I really do want the game to be successful and last because I believe it is possibly the only online FO we are going to get. I really wanted a FO mmo but whatever this is/becomes over time is all we got. I don't agree with what should be base game utility that is instead exclusive to the atom shop. Especially since everything they've added so far could have been added to both the base game and atom shop, would perhaps not have generated any negative feedback but actually been cheered by us players and potentially meant more sales for Bethesda overall. I honestly think maybe Bethesda just didn't think of some of this and just went with what was fastest/easiest to get in the game.

Repair Kits: Repair kits off the SBQ are awesome and way better than the atom shop ones yes and like most players beyond a certain level my main has plenty…but not if your like idk sub 35-40ish and can't do SBQ. They are not sellable/tradeable so new players and alts only have the atom shop as an option. Bethesda could have released craftable 100% repair kits which take mats to make, 150% SBQ AND atom shop kits and left 200% for perks as is. I wouldn't find that unfair in the least. The best repair is from perks as it should be, earn in game or buy the 2nd tier and craft the base model. Knowing that eventually I'll earn more than enough off SBQs after a certain point, I'd actually be tempted to buy atom shop kits then. Being mat free and 150% instead of 100% would make the atom shop ones worth considering on an alt over crafted ones but as it is I personally haven't bought any of these and never plan to. Repairs are easy enough even at a low level imo once you know the game.

Scrap Kits: I've not seen one of these in game yet myself but heard they are possible loot from treasure maps. I've dug up 30(3 stacks of 10) since they released them so the drop rate isn't great if they do. Scrap kits are kinda muti-fuctional in that scrapping junk in the field allows a player to fast travel again if they become over encumbered, said weight reduction allows increased time spent out in the field looting non-junk items before having to return and obviously automatically stashing junk makes it so you can't lose it on death. A basic crafted model could have been added that just breaks down your junk. This would give all players some access to increased farming time and/or emergency fast travel option if over weight, while still making the current atom shop version desirable since it teleports your junk for death safety.

Having basic craftable versions of Scrap & Repair Kits also adds to the overall game economy if players can trade/buy them from each other.

Both of the next items Bethesda released imo cost them the chance for multiple revenue streams per item from every player instead of just those who buy the base model first.


Fridge: Nothing in the base game works on item spoilage from stash. Doesn't matter how great the backpack is or that Good With Salt can have a better rate reduction, neither of them affect the stash box so apples to oranges. That aside, here we have the potential for least 3(expandable) revenue streams that could have been added by putting a base game(probably quested) version of the fridge in for free. First is the obvious skin options. Next they could sell additional fridge slots. Finally you can sell a efficiency boost that allows you to increase the spoilage reduction rate. If the current 50% reduction to spoilage & 15 slots available for atoms is truly fair, then a 25% reduction model with 10 slots for free would have meant every player might have looked at buying skins and multiple upgrades. You could even break the reduction and slots upgrades down 5 times each for 5% and 1 respectively per upgrade till we had what is currently in. I bet buying a skin and 10 separate upgrades could have cost players more than 700 atoms total when all added up and been welcomed by most players. Some would even want more than 1 skin since you can have up to 4 fridges meaning they can display 4 if they wish.

Collector Bot: I haven't completely thought this one through yet and will miss some probably but lets see how many revenue streams a base game collector bot could have potentially been. Most people who have this item agree the junk it gets is rather insignificant compared to the "fun" factor and "life" it adds to a player's camp. The bot tells funny jokes and adds a presence to the camp that isn't available any other way including pets since they don't speak if for no other reason. It is still the only thing that will automatically gather junk for you no matter where you build your camp, so not extractor reliant. Let's start off with the junk collecting aspect of this item first. Here a free model could have had both a lower(read upgrade-able) overall stash size and lower(once again possibly upgrade-able) collection speed. So 2 possible avenues for atom shop purchased upgrades. Moving on to the bot itself, the atom shop could offer skin options in 2 different senses. There is the paint job available for the bot and/or station, potentially this could have been broken down into skins for each aspect separately. There is also what type of bot it is. Maybe I'd like an Enclave skinned eyebot with a camo skinned station…that would be 3 atom shop purchases. Finally we come to the joking and talking aspect of the item which once again has the potential for multiple atom shop applications. Voice packs. Not only can Bethesda sell options to change what kind of voice is used but add to/change what is said. Both of those might be wanted multiple times each cause over time the same voice and lines will grow old. Getting a new voice and/or different joke pack/dialogue options would help keep it refreshing. I'm gonna stop here cause you get the idea but that is at least 6(7+) ways a free base model could have been added and still monetized in the atom shop possibly at an overall even greater cost in atoms and not generated the negative backlash it did.

I'm sure other people could come up with even more ways free versions of all the above could be monetized. All I'm saying here is maybe if Bethesda talks with us about things they are thinking of adding, especially utility wise, we can help them add it in ways that will generate the revenue they want while making the player base happy at the same time.

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