Bethesda, I’m a Huge Fan

fallout 4 - Bethesda, I’m a Huge Fan

This post was deleted by moderators from the other subreddit. I’m not sure why other than it expresses frustration they don’t want to see. I’d like Bethesda to read it.

I’m an Uber-fan. I’ve been playing your games for years. I own so much Fallout and Elder Scrolls memorabilia that I could probably sell it all and send my children to a private university. I have money, I have a passion for your games, and I adore your intellectual properties.

I was in on Fallout 76 for the Beta. I bought the Power Armor Edition just to have it in my collection. I never opened it so BagGate never bothered me. I bought a separate Tricentennial Edition to play. My character in the game is in the 80s. I haven’t cheated for levels. I’m your bread and butter.


That said, the unfinished, unpolished, glitchy, bugged, mess that is this game has tarnished your reputation in my eyes. How could you have let a game like this get to market? The problems in this game are legion-from technical to design, the game is a burning hot mess.

I even convinced friends to buy this game. They’ve lost items due to your bugs. They’ve wasted time on building only to have creations deleted. They were shocked at how sloppy this rollout has been. This was their first experience with you. It will probably be their last. Given the state of the game, I’m embarrassed that I recommended it to them. They’ll think twice before buying something I recommend again.

The duping. The exploits. Get your house in order please. Your fans deserve better.

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