Bethesda, I’m bored

fallout 3 - Bethesda, I'm bored

I'm approaching L250 and I've really tried to stay involved with this game, but there's nothing left for me to do.

The story quests are a distant memory, I've farm legendaries and hopped player vendors until I have all the gear I want, I have more good guns than I can use, 3 sets of great armour and bought and sold more rare and fancy outfits than i can remember, I've completely respected my character 3 times, nothing in the atom shop interests me anymore, there are only so many skins you can buy before it gets old, my camp has been moved, rebuilt, tweaked and restyled enough, I've been everywhere (i think), taken vaguely amusing photos, contested workshops, helped new players, run teams, solo'd nukes, battered the SBQ and played every event multiple times, or at least those that work.

Since the survival servers shut down it feels like I'm encountering more selfish players, more one shot wonders and exploiters, less cooperative play and legendary sharing. Was in a nuke zone last week and waved another player over when i found a 3*, got a thumbs up for it, then immediately saw them mow down another 3* nearby and run off without a thought. Like really?

With the Purveyor's sale over, around 1700 scrip spent and my last sought after weapon in my inventory, i logged in today and sat staring at the map for a couple of minutes, hopped to a station to claim my 150 daily allowance and logged out.

For me the best thing about this game was teaming up, making good friends and helping new players, but there are less and less people i know logging in, my active friends list rarely reaches 5 people anymore, whereas on a good night it would be 20+.

It's been fun, but I'm bored. I've considered making a new character, but i'll wait for Wastelanders to drop. That said, if any low level players on PC want some help from someone who doesn't just one shot everything, give me a shout. Otherwise Outer Worlds is out soon.


Edit: I didn't expect this the generate such an interesting discussion, seems I'm not the only one who feels this way and we're heavily in the majority, at least on here. Many of you got where I was going with this, the game is stagnating and losing it's player base and I think that's sad, it was partly a plea to Bethesda to not to leave the game simmering without new content for the next few months while we wait for what was meant to be the big end of year finish. If a game touted as having a long term plan to attract new players while retaining seasoned ones is failing to do so before the end of it's first year, that's a really bad sign. I love the Fallout franchise and I particularity love this game, I want it to succeed. And it was partly a lament that since the summer some good in-game friends have gotten bored and moved on.

There were some less insightful comments, this is Reddit, and some worried that I should get out more, like the only thing in my life is this game? Weird. I play for around 12 hours and week if I'm lucky, it's an excellent distraction and down time from my busy life, my business and dare I say my family and even my dog. I mean I love them but sometimes they're like reading history at college, it's just one f*cking thing after another 🙂

I'm going to keep playing a little, maybe just a couple of hours a week, Outer Worlds is almost here so that will have my attention for a while. But I'm encouraged by the amount of people looking to team up, if I don't reply it's probably because I just didn't see your comment, shoot me a DM.

Also, thanks for the gold and silver.

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