Bethesda is legit chopping up and selling parts of this game to everyone, and it’s a bloody mess

fallout 6 - Bethesda is legit chopping up and selling parts of this game to everyone, and it's a bloody mess

I didn't notice it so much with the Wastelanders update, but looking at this page it's super clear now what's happening and will likely continue to happen. Bethesda promised free updates with this game, and they've found the perfect way to technically keep that promise and still try to rake as much money as they can from players (in addition to the other monetization schemes).

So instead of paying for a DLC, you get a part of that DLC for free and a part with a price tag via the 'bundle'. Builders like me have probably noticed by now that most of the time these 'upgrades' are selling camp items and a few other cosmetics, stuff that we almost never see added to the base game. And some more experienced gamers may recognize that online multiplayer games tend to have more robust updates that make the little extras they dangle not seem so necessary, and typically are nowhere near as expensive. For example, I just bought the heroic upgrade for the recent WoW expansion, and I got a free max level char and a few cosmetics for $25. Meanwhile, this BoS bundle is $40 as part of a much, much smaller update for a game that has been struggling to respect its players since launch.

So what is Fallout 76 at this point, in terms of monetization? Let's take a look:

  1. A box price game
  2. A subscription game
  3. A cash shop game
  4. A season pass game
  5. A DLC upgrade game


Five types of monetization. FIVE. Most games I play have 2-3 of these, at most, and traditionally most games had just one barrier to get the full, fun experience– the box price. Now it seems that triple-A games (hmm) on consoles and PC are increasingly being treated like mobile GaS garbage. And I might expect that from the little players… but not from major publishers/studios with over a decade of success and a huge loyal fanbase. In fact, I find this behaviour from such a studio to be pathetic.

And let's not forget the state the game was in when it launched. It wasn't nearly as bad as some described, and I write this as someone who did not bash, stuck to facts, defended the game when it was warranted, and gave the devs two years to expand on the base and fix it up (they've done a pretty good job of that in many cases). But I find it shameful looking back on the struggles the game has been through, and the amount of stuff the playerbase put up with, to see how greedy Bethesda is now being with this product and how willing they are to just keep gouging their fanbase.

This game is becoming a sick joke and I'm not laughing. I would have put up with a lot in terms of performance and design, but it's sad to witness the worst performing Bethesda game of all time become the most eggregious display of milking a loyal fanbase that I've ever seen.

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