Bethesda, let’s evolve the CAMPs.

fallout 8 - Bethesda, let’s evolve the CAMPs.

I know we have had several posts for CAMP stuff, mine will probably include stuff that’s already been mentioned. Whatever.

So on my list:

  1. CAMP placement
  2. Clean appliances
  3. Fast travel mats
  4. Internal walls
  5. New generators
  6. Smaller purifiers
  7. Properly fitted stairs
  8. Repaired building structures
  9. Roofing
  10. Whole structure power

The breakdown:

  1. I’ve seen several locations involving water that I would have loved to build a CAMP on but can’t because the machine can’t be placed in water. For the sake of initial CAMP placement can we change this?

  2. Over the last couple years we have received coolers, refrigerators, bravo. However it’s time for an actual cooking station that would make sense to have in a building: ovens as well as Eat-o-tronics…TOILETS, showers, mirrors, you get the point.

  3. This is probably one of the most frequently requested things. We had them in Fo4, it makes no sense for a game that is largely a Fo4 port that we didn’t have them from day one. Where I spawn is so random sometimes I spawn under my structures and get trapped. Or I go to someone whose built on the side of a cliff and fall to my death.

  4. Internal walls, I don’t mean the ability to wallpaper both sides although we need that too.

  5. Our most powerful generator generates 100 power but also eats up two floor tiles and is sometimes a pain to wire indoors. Consequently we also have other large generators that don’t even provide a fifth of the power that eat up more space. Why can’t we have a smaller nuclear generator that provides like 50 power or one more in line with the small generators that provides 25?

  6. Smaller purifiers, and I don’t mean in capacity. I’ve been able to make some pretty nice views at some of my CAMPs that are ruined by these big, honking purifiers. On a side note, how have you reskinned all the other purifiers but one?

  7. Stairs, I utterly hate putting them in but sometimes they’re necessary. Is it too much to ask that it fits AGAINST the wall? Or has a railing to cover the sides at the top so I don’t accidentally drop down the sides. Also none of the current skins are something nice for a house.

  8. All the build sets aside from Brick and Steel look like shit from the outside. I’m not building a warehouse or a barn and just smashing out all my windows…

  9. Either let us wallpaper them or give us textures.

  10. In this case, I would prefer we be able to set a generator on a structure and automatically have power to things like lights, etc. Nothing ruins an aesthetic more than a dozen power connectors or conduits all over the place. Things that require a wired connection could still require that.

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