Bethesda made Salem replace a town in Massachusetts that had so much potential

fallout 4 - Bethesda made Salem replace a town in Massachusetts that had so much potential

I live in a small Massachusetts town, called Marblehead. It’s history is quite important, as not only did General John Glover lived there, but it was also once the fishing capital of New England, referred to as “The Birthplace of the U.S. Navy”, the home of the first captain of the U.S. Navy, the town of origin for Marine Corp Aviation, despite the town not having a runway, the location of a gunpowder house, which the British aimed to take over, but couldn’t because of the Concord / Lexington battles, a town of refuge for George Washington during the first 2 years of the Revolutionary War before the Delaware River Crossing, with crew members who were mostly from the town, the location of several famous state Yacht Clubs, the home of one Salem Witch trial victim, an island which inhabited people sick with Smallpox, which later became a children’s summer camp, but most importantly of all, it houses The Spirit of ‘76, a painting made to commemorate the United States on its 100th anniversary.

YEAH. Bethesda, why didn’t you add this town to the game?


I mean yeah, sure deadlines are tight, but you had the opportunity to add a very important town to a game that would sell more copies than all of the other Fallout games in existence, and you blew it. You had to replace it with Salem. You could have just replaced the Mahkra Fishing Plant with Salem, because geographically, that’s where it actually is, but no. Salem seemed too important, and you wanted to add a piece of land that only serves as a location to complete small quests for factions. You also had the balls to add a convalescent home, which was originally in Marblehead, to your town.

Marblehead is a great town that just had the potential to be in the game. Personally, I do like Salem. I think the town has an interesting small story, a bone-chilling quest in the Salem Witch Museum, and a place to go and visit your dead grandmother who died long before you entered a vault. Bottom line here is that Bethesda could have taken the time to look into more towns in the Boston area that would have potential, such as Marblehead, but they didn’t get the chance, and went with something that was more well-known and appreciated, instead of letting people experience other places that could have some historical importance. I hope people find this post and feel the same about smaller towns that are often looked over, because some can be great.

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