Bethesda Management, I think we need to have an intervention at this point. You’re killing this game.

fallout 8 - Bethesda Management, I think we need to have an intervention at this point. You're killing this game.

*This is a going to be a super long rant, and I appreciate you sticking with me.*

So, it seems like after all the "effort" you put in to wastelanders, and trying to expand the player base was for utter shit. Management needs to stop watching their idiot kids playing Fortnite/PUBG/CoD; thinking they can pull the same bullshit move on us. The whole game pass thing was an added way to get younger people playing the game. People who would impulsively buy their atomic shit, because they don't know any better, and the atomic shit costs Bethesda very little to create. Furthermore, this cash grab of a BS event isn't just aimed at reviving old FO1st subs, but generating new ones from the new target demographic – idiots. Profits have become increasingly more important than producing a decent gaming experience.

I stopped gaming all together a few years ago because this was the road it seemed to be going down. But, it's Fallout, and I have absolutely loved the game since the first one. I have been waiting for this game since 2007 when they announced plans to do an online version; known as Project V13 at the time. Thanks to a prolonged legal battle with Interplay the game was scrapped. Nevertheless, my love of gaming continued on; Call of Duty was still good, sports games were still entertaining, and Fallout NV skyrocketed to my most played game of all time. I had no problem when companies started charging for subscriptions to play online games, or when expansion packs for games were split up in to DLC's to get a few more pennies out of us. But, when this bullshit micro-transaction garbage started I had had enough. What the fuck was the point in paying for DLC's if they didn't have the content, and were going to charge me more money to give me a small opportunity at maybe getting what I though I was fucking paying for in the first place.

At this point I was over it; clearly the golden age of video games had come and gone. Regardless, of how much graphics improve, load time reduction, or the size of an open world a shiny turd, is still just a shiny turd. So, my PS4 sat there, and collected dust; a $500 paperweight. Turning it on from time to time when friends came over to play a round of golf, or shoot a few bots in the face to take out the aggression the gaming industry has put into me. Then Fallout 4 was was released, and I played it until it felt like my eyes bled. It wasn't Bethesda's content that caused me to put a disgusting amount time into a game years after I had stopped gaming. Honestly, the game really sucked, and the illusion of choice was more than frustrating; however, thanks to the modding community it became a really great game. Eventually, I put the game away, and went back to finding more productive ways to use my time.


A few years passed,my nephew was getting more entertainment from my console than I ever did, and I had lost sight of anything video game related all together. So much so, that Fallout 76 had been released, and I hadn't even noticed until a friend asked me if I had gotten it. Fuck me if that little ear worm didn't finally get inside my brain. It took until December 2019, but your little fucking worm wriggled it's way in Todd. In spite of all the poor reviews I had read trying to figure out what the game was about I still bought it. The global clusterfuck of a pandemic was a few weeks away, and I hadn't seriously gamed in years but was looking forward to it. I was hooked right from the opening cut scene, it's fucking Fallout Online something I had been waiting over a decade for. I'm well aware that at this point most games have their little online shops selling cosmetic items and other things. It irks me that this is what once reputable gaming companies do to squeeze just a few more dollars out of the people who have already supported them for fucking decades. But, I do like skins, and not looking like every other player around me so I fell in to the trap for a short time. A few hundred dollars worth of atoms later to buy the few things that are released that I actually want, but do we get the budget space to use the stuff, not a fucking chance

Yet, I have continued to ignore the rest of your micro-transaction & time gate bullshit that sucks the fun out of any video game until now. Do you think that if you make a game without those mechanics that I won't log in everyday so you can flash your atomic shit in my face. I will because I have always enjoyed Fallout, and with it being online I had high hopes for the longevity of my enjoyment. I even got a second copy when it went on sale so I could get the same fucking features that every other online rpg has fucking had except yours (seriously, a shared stash, mailbox & bank would do wonders for the player base). However, the last downgrade (update) was the last fucking straw, and I will not buy your shit any longer, nor renew my FO1st sub. So Bethesda, you may get my time but you will never, ever get my money again. Thank you for reminding of why I no longer wanted to play video games; enjoy polishing your turds.

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