Bethesda, please advise why the servers have gone to **** in the past two weeks.

fallout 3 - Bethesda, please advise why the servers have gone to **** in the past two weeks.

Seriously, we cannot go five minutes without a "Waiting for Server to Respond". This makes your game unplayable. And that isn't even the worst of it. Taking 10 minutes to load into a server is not a working game. Leaving body doubles of people when their game crashed, often having duplicates in two different places on the map and the body double STAYING once the player has returned, often for several minutes, is not a working game. Deaths that take over 10 minutes to recognize and let you respawn, causing your dropped loot to disappear, is not a working game. While Server issues come with lots of online games, the server lag that occurs in your game is by far the worst I have seen AND YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MULTIPLAYER GAMES?! Get your shit together before you do that as FO76, while a game I want to, and admittedly do, love so much, is not at all a shining example of a Multiplayer game that works. Please fix the game you are on before moving on to your next shitshow.

Edit. Wow! Thanks guys for keeping this discussion / airing of grievances going. It's caught
ladydevann - Bethesda, please advise why the servers have gone to **** in the past two weeks.

u/ladydevann 's attention, and I've sent her the below, which I admit is likely overkill but I feel like if Beth was just more transparent, a lot of us would be able to feel more patient in seeing improvements in the game. I might be wrong on some things and this might not amount to much, but I do hope we start to see a bit more transparency in the near ish future. I personally want to believe they want to keep us players happy and willing to spend more, and I hope so long as we keep speaking up, we might be able to see positive changes in how Bethesda communicates with their clients, i.e. us.

"Hi Ladydevann, I am very pleased to see a Bethesda reply. As you can see from the replies, a lot of your player base have felt unheard or unadvised on the state of the game we so love and have invested both our time and money in. I really appreciate you taking a minute to review it all. My one qualm is that I wish your company would make the issues you are facing more transparent in order to allow your playerbase to be more understanding of these glitches and bugs. I hope you can communicate this need to your management team as just transparency will help us be less upset when we experience glitches, cause trust me, we are absolutely rooting for this game to be successful.

That being said, I play on PC and my Bethesda name is QuyynseyFae. While I have experienced all of the glitches I have explained in my post, and quite a lot of the grievances listed by fellow players in the comments, my friends have been experiencing them even more, and it's really disappointing seeing them get less and less enthusiastic about the game, especially after I've witnessed, Albeit briefly, the game working well for the patchwork it required to run on the FO4 engine. This was right before the latest update. I believe a lot of us would be more patient while awaiting hot fixes if we were just told "Hey Guys! We hear ya, and see there has been some issues involving a/b/c and we are definitely working on this, will keep you updated on when we can implement a fix" I know for me and I'd say a healthy majority of your player base, this would be more than enough to keep us checking in and excited to experience the fix.

I apologize for my lengthy reply to your simple request, but I didn't think we would get your attention.

Thank you for your time. Quyynsey Fae :)"

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