Bethesda – please change daily limits (Caps, Gold, Script…) into weekly limits and rework other limits and Game Mechanics!

fallout 6 - Bethesda - please change daily limits (Caps, Gold, Script...) into weekly limits and rework other limits and Game Mechanics!

It have been posted already by me and others, but i want to repost it with some additions and i think the more attention it gets the better.If you are not satisfied too, please leave a like and maybe post something similar so it get more attention again and again on these topics.

Yes this is a long post! 😉

First: I really like the game! Dont get me wrong, these are just things i think could be easily improved and make the game even better!

It seems like its something the community really wants as the feedback is always the same:

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/i4s5ls/please_change_daily_vendor_limits_gold_bouillon/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/i4yigs/800_limit_for_storage_really_sucks/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/g9bnkp/dear_bethesda_weekly_resets_help_adults_with_jobs/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/gls23v/bethesda_timegatesdaily_limits_are_for_mobile/

So i want to be more specific and include some of the feedbacks.

The Unsatisfying Situation:

There are a lot of Daily Grinds

  • S.C.O.R.E (newly added)
  • Gold bouillon
  • Caps
  • Reputation
  • Scrip

For most of us it is the Endgame Content, even this is a bit sad 😉

The Timer resets not on the same time but depends on your last interaction. E.G. the first time you buy caps from vendor the timer starts counting until reset.

I agree that player that really grinds the game and have time to log in daily should have an advantage over more casual player. But a lot of Players like me dont have much time and can maybe get caps limit or other only twice a weak.

I log in, do the same over and over again. The challenges are not fun (Kill x enemies y, scrap this, level up…), Gather Junk, Gather stolen equipment, get some scrip and so on. After that i realise i have to log off because no time left to really PLAY the game.

The Desired Situation

Alle The limits has to be reworked! A lot of people can log in on longer sessions and we want to get more caps, scrip, gold and so on in this longer sessions because we can not log in everyday or maybe not that long.

I as a Father, Employee, long term Fallout 76 player, Fallout Fan and Fallout 1st subscriber want a reason to log in daily but a much better reason to play longer sessions, because thats the time i really want to enjoy the game and have time to relax and do the challenges.

I want to reset the timers always on the same time so i dont have to track the timers. If i do a longer session on saturday evening and another one sunday it may happen i miss the daily reset adn thats even worse.

Possible Solution

Make additional weekly limits and lower daily limits.


For example Caps: Right now you get 1400 caps each day thats 9800 a week. So why is there no daily limit like 500 for the hardcore player and another 7000 cap limit that resets weekly. So everyone benefits. I can get my 7500 caps even in one big session a week or different sessions where i focus on different things. The one that logs in daily has the opportunity to get even more caps and thats good enough for me because i am more casual.

Same thing like in the S.C.O.R.E system but daily should be less and weekly should be much more. I dont have to say there is not enough S.C.O.R.E to earn in time…

Another solution could be to dismiss all limits, but in my opinion you will loose the fun pretty fast. In no time some people have millions of caps and godrolled gear and people who play more casual have no chance to pay those weapons because they will be outbid by the hardcore gamer all the time. But change my mind! =)

I want to hear your opinion on other possible solutions.

Other Unsatisfying Situation:

  • Camp limits (I dont have to descripe this)
  • Stash Limit (I dont have to descripe this too)
  • I want to transfer items between my alts! All possibilities to do this are risky. I want to see a little shared stash box!
  • Trade menu is a mess and buggy
    • There should be the possibility to mark items for trade and after both agree the items will be traded. Why do we need couriers? Its just another workaround the community has to find
  • Camp Building is a mess and you will find great examples in Fallout 4 mods how to improve the system
  • Fallout 1st Promises (Discounts, Bigger Camp limit and more…)
  • No Endgame Content!
    • I want to see Content thats really challenging and requires high levels and good gear. The Endgame content cant be low level things like levelling up or scrap something or kill some common enemies. Why is there no hardcore or fun Challenges that are really rewarding?
  • Legendaries
    • RNG is way to bad and why to Enemies only drop one Legendary, why not 2-3 Like in other games so i dont care if throw away trash items?
    • Possibility to reroll my legendaries or craft Legendary gear. This should be very expensive but it would be very rewarding to do this even if its a grind!
    • A lot of Legendaries are bugged, but i dont want to cover bugs here. Thats another topic
  • Buying from Vendors although the player is at max caps
  • If i power off my vendor, why can people still buy from my vendor?
    • There are workarounds but tbh they are not good ones
  • There sould be an ingame Auction House or something similar

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