Bethesda PLEASE give console players a way to obtain the Marine Combat Armor Helmet

fallout 7 - Bethesda PLEASE give console players a way to obtain the Marine Combat Armor Helmet

The fabled Marine Combat Armor Helmet

First a little background, Marine Combat Armor is a full set of armor that was introduced in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. In Fallout 4 it was acquired through Far Harbors main quest line, consisted of a chest piece, arms, legs, and a helmet. In addition the set had one of the best armor ratings of non powered armor.

Personal experience – Im a level 99 player on Xbox and have been playing on and off since release, I have never seen ANY player using or selling a Marine Combat Armor Helmet nor have I seen legitimate proof of someone owning it on any platform besides PC.

What went wrong – In the release copy of Fallout 76 the Marine Combat Armor Helmet is unobtainable through legitimate means (to my knowledge), it could not be found in the world. Then as time passed players figures out how to glitch into the Dev room and things got complicated. PC players upon breaking into the Dev room discovered the Marine Combat Armor Helmet, removed it and scrapped it, the helmet has a 100% chance to learn the plan on scrap so the item was quickly duplicated and sold across PC becoming a common item. However once news spread that it was from the Dev room players began to get nervous, and for good reason considering Bethesda’s banning policy. But instead of giving all players the chance to have access to the helmet or removing it entirely Bethesda allowed PC players who toke the item from the Dev room to continue using it with their blessing. Thereby congratulating and rewarding players for taking items from the Dev room while depriving items from those who didn’t!


How Beth can fix it – First and Foremost, Bethesda should not remove the helmet from PC players who have already taken it from the DEV room, this would be a step backwards that would only anger the community. However they need to add in a way for everyone to get this item, PC and Console by legitimate means. There a several interesting ways Bethesda can do this, the first and most basic way is just having Phoenix and Modus sell it. A more immersive way is placing it at strategic locations across the map, military outposts and Sugar Grove come to mind.

Conclusion – Guys I’m a player like you, I really love this game, this post was me trying to piece together the puzzle that is this helmet, if I got anything wrong please call me out on it, because I certainly don’t know everything, and Bethesda if your reading this PLEASE let us have the Marine Combat Armor Helmet.

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