Bethesda please stop making items exclusive to bundles (also lower dem prices)

fallout 6 - Bethesda please stop making items exclusive to bundles (also lower dem prices)

*Rant alert*

First off, I've played almost 200 hours and have overall enjoyed the game. I hate to be 'that guy' who complains (and I've bit my tongue thus far), but the Atomic Shop is getting way out of hand. The greedy prices are clearly unpopular and so far as insulting to many players. But that aside, forcing players to have to pay, for example, 2000 Atoms just to get nifty Christmas lights from a bundle of otherwise uninteresting items, is downright wrong. It feels like a complete slap in the face as many of us players who, through thick and thin, have stuck around only to find Bethesda using dirty sales tactics like this. This is no way to treat your fan base. We're not just cash cows to milk in order to offset the low games sales and many refunds. Get a hold of yourselves and your ridiculous practices and treat us with respect.


Another complaint is that the Atomic Shop has absolutely no value. I am very reluctant to spend any money on it because I know that no matter what I spend for Atoms, I will get no value. The fun thing about selling overpriced things is that while each sale may yield more profit, you're still at the mercy of those pesky cash cows consumers to buy enough to be profitable. Clearly this subreddit, which is far more sympathetic to Bethesda than the still enraged fallout, have voiced their displeasure over these prices. Continuing down this road isn't a good idea.

A silly alternate could be, oh I don't know, having reasonable prices and continuing to offer a wide variety of decent items so people are more inclined to buy stuff and support the company. Absolutely bonkers I guess, but just a thought.

TL;DR: Old man yells at cloud for not being able to buy cool Christmas lights for his base without having to buy a full bundle for 2000 Atoms ($20). Also some general rants about Atomic Shop

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