Bethesda please turn up the legendary drop rate

fallout 2 - Bethesda please turn up the legendary drop rate

If Anthem's problems have taught us anything it is that games are more fun when you have more loot and simply put this game has a crap loot economy right now. I am going to try and explain why the loot economy is so bad right now but I will admit I am guessing at how the drop tables actually work. In truth the only thing I know as fact is the possible outcomes for a legendary item based on its prefix, major, and minor rolls. So lets dive head first into speculation, but if anyone knows 100% how the drop tables work please comment below or link your previous post.

Right now if want an exact 3* roll on a ranged weapon you have a 1/2 chance of rolling a weapon over armor, approx. 1/80 chance of rolling the right weapon, 1/23 chance of getting the correct prefix, a 1/7 chance of getting the right major, and a 1/9 chance of getting the correct minor roll, but the odds of that are approx. 1/232k.

Now if we tweak the numbers and only look at weapon archetypes we have 1h, 2h, unarmed, pistol, rifle semi, rifle auto, shotgun, heavy, heavy explosive so 1/9 instead of 1/80 then the numbers come down drastically to say approx. 1/26k chance of getting the roll you want on an acceptable archetype, but that is still a crappy outcome.

In fact a month ago when TSE weapon were still OP the chances of getting any TSE weapon were basically 1/2 chance of rolling a weapon, approx. 1/2 chance of rolling a ranged weapon, 1/23 of getting TS, and 1/7 of getting Explosive for a chance of 1/644. Now the change of an useful item dropping being 1/644 is actually very acceptable because it means that even if I dont get the drop enough people will that the price will not be inflated, but the major issue is getting a 2* item in the first place.


Right now based on my own observations a 3* mob drops a 1* item 60% of the time. Now others might have better experience than me but based on my experience that means I only have a 1/2.5 chance of seeing a 2* or better item off of a 3* mob and that means I only have 1/1610 chance of seeing a TSE weapon as of now. With high level 3* mobs being as rare as they are, it is absurdly stupid to think that 1600 of them have to be killed for a specific weapon to spawn in.

Now if Bethesda wants to change things for the better without having to edit or adjust the loot tables then what they need to do is guarantee loot based on the number of * a mobs has and increase the spawn rate of higher tier 2* and 3* mobs. Even if they did that and guaranteed say three 2* and one 3* mob in every major location like Whitespring clubhouse it would still take 161 location clears to find a TSE weapon. Putting that in perspective with Whitesprings clubhouse having a clear time of like 3 min it would still take an individual around 8 hours to find a TSE weapon. While 8 hours to grind your own TSE weapon is not super terrible I still think that we need the legendary vendor ASAP. With the legendary vendor in place and a more reliable grind people could concentrate more on what they enjoy rather than mindless grinding.

tl;dr We need more reliable spawns for 2* and 3* mobs; legendary mobs to drop the same * level item as they are; and the legendary vendor sooner than later.

PSA I need to go to work so I wont be able to respond to this for hours, sorry.

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