Bethesda, pls fix the “can’t interact with others” bug and recognize the other issues

fallout 6 - Bethesda, pls fix the "can't interact with others" bug and recognize the other issues

…this is sooo annoying and frustrating and it's not like this game doesn't have already a million bugs!

Whenever i meet up with people for a trade it's like leave game, reboot, log-in, join world, fast travel, try to trade, just to have to experience this bug AGAIN!!! With both need to do it until it works, as selling through the vending machine is NO solution, when it's about stuff that actually have a way higher price!

Honestly, i ever was a Bethesda fanboy, played every single game, from Oblivion or Fo3 up to this very day! But when i see how the atom-shop gets all the love, all devotion put into it, selling power armor paints for a price you get season passes for in other games, while the main game itself is broken as hell, even after over half a year after release, then i guess it's legitim and justified to be pi**ed as a customer!

Just a few bugs of an endless list of bugs you easily fill books with, present to this very day, here for MONTHS! (note, i'm on PS4)

– new sound bug after the latest patch…would be surprised to see a fix, that actually fix stuff w/o causing new issues or bring old ones back…but might be a copy&paste problem

– Idle explosives daily STILL not starting, broken for months!

– Quickwheel tab STILL broken, after being patched twice, as sated by patch notes

– ghouls or even other adds attacking in sleep or T-pose (easily the most pathetic thing i've EVER experienced in my very long time as a gamer, just smh)

– enemies disappearing under the floor, vanishing into thin air before being able to loot them, facepalm

– legendaries STILL dropping drills…after how many times this was patched??

– enemies float in the air, not moving, invincible…when do we finally enter beta?

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– STILL get stuck on player's camps (although way less now)

– STILL too many server dc's

– team-up STILL broken, quests of the friend host not visible, most time everything so broken, with the only option…guess…you got it?…correct! reboot, re-login! aaargh


– sneaking oftne broken, as it seems adds put spiderman's spider sensors to shame sometimes!

etc etc etc

Honestly, i don't want to be that dude, as i want this game to be awesome! It has soo much potencial and i want to love my ever beloved Fallout…but still, as a customer who paid full price! paid for atoms to support this game, i guess it's not asked too much to finally get some quality!

This game is over half a year into it and by the speed things get patched and fixed, i doubt i will live long enough to get to experience the game in beta quality! (and i'm not old!).

You have issues today, you report them, after a month gets recognized and after another 2 months you get the fix. This is just terrible! We need a better Q&A also, as as it already takes that long for fixes, it doesn't help, when everytime you get a fix, it adds a ton of new problems! Like now with the sound bug for example.

Please Bethesda, do it. Do it today! And do your best to have this game live up to its potencial!


Edit: Just add the huge amount of broken challenges to it! Broken for M O N TH S !!! (alien picture, snare drums, anyone? just to name some) How is this even possible that it takes THAT long to fix? Where other games fix stuff like that within the same week by hotfixes? Just smh. Killed a sheepsquatch just a few seconds ago for the weekly challenge, just to realize it didn't count. Wtf, honestly.

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Edit 2: Can we get like 20k upvotes to send Bethesda a sign that we are sick of alpha testing and finally want to enjoy a game that justifies its full price tag?^^ I don't mind to help upvote any other post that helps achieve some quality and might be written in better english grammar and words than mine lol…i'm not out for high karma, but to simply get Bethesda realize that selling PA paints for money worth as much as season passes elsewhere also needs some quality in this thing around it, you know, the game.

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