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fallout 3 - Bethesda Plz, a new feature

Hey gang!

After a LOT of feedback on this, we have instituted a new feature called Bethesda Plz.

This is a wiki page which will serve as a "retired topics" list, identifying the most well-received and iterated upon suggestion topics for Bethesda to consider priorities from this community. Topics retired to the list, based on strict criteria, will not longer be allowed to be posted about in a manner which suggests changes.

This is inspired by DestinyTheGame and their Bungie Plz list, which has been wildly successful in prioritizing community focus for Bungie. Just check out their wiki to see how many retired topics have been worked on by Bungie since retirement to the list!

Here's our list page and the instructions for how to submit a retirement request.


We think this will be a great way to focus our feedback to Bethesda and move on to new topics which require our attention.


Woodhouse and the Overseers

The first valid retirement request has been made and accepted!

"Option to show character name instead of account name" is now a retired suggestion topic

A few others have been added as well. Awesome work, gang!

If you respond to this post suggesting a topic for the list or asking for a change like I'm Bethesda, your fellow redditors get to throw things at you. Read the post carefully.

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