Bethesda recently “broke” how legendary enemies get marked. Don’t fix it, EXPAND on it.

fallout 8 - Bethesda recently "broke" how legendary enemies get marked. Don't fix it, EXPAND on it.

Perhaps you've all noticed lately that there's been even MORE of an uptick in people crying that "once again" Bethesda has nerfed legendary spawns because… they don't like having people play this game?

Of course, just as with EVERY OTHER patch, this is just people getting pissed off that they have poor RNG luck and deciding it's instead a massive conspiracy.

The problem this time though isn't entirely in their heads, because while Bethesda HASN'T nerfed legendary spawns they did break them a little bit.

Normally when there is a "spontaneous" legendary spawn you'll see an otherwise normal enemy start to glow green and then their name will change to display their new legendary status. THIS is what Bethesda broke. While you'll still see this effect from time to time you'll see it far less often since the last patch. However while the glow and the name change aren't happening the enemies are STILL gaining a legendary loot pool. Since the last patch there have been NUMEROUS posts detailing how someone killed a regular enemy and it dropped a legendary item.

Most legendary "farmers" out there don't know about this for a simple reason. They've gotten lazy. If you want to "efficiently" farm legendary gear all you kill are legendary enemies, you quickly scan a crowd and if there's nothing with Legendary in it's name you move on, and ever since this patch you're missing out on all of the hidden legendarys.


What needs to happen is not to fix the current problem of unmarked legendary enemies but EXPAND on it.

Outside of boss fights no legendary enemy should EVER be marked as such until it has mutated. When a legendary enemy spawns it should be indistinguishable from a normal enemy but with one special effect on it, it can't be brought below 1 hp. You run up to said enemy, attack it and bring it's health down to 1 at which point "Oh shit, it started to glow!". THEN the enemy mutates into it's legendary form, regaining it's health and if you REALLY want to make things interesting do what 4 did and make legendary mutations actually MEAN something and provide some sort of buff.

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Finding a legendary enemy SHOULD NOT just be a matter of scanning a crowd to look for the one with a star in it's name. Making this change would not just fight lazy legendary farming but would make fighting a legendary an actual experience and force people to actually PLAY THE GAME in the process and fight their way through areas searching for the hidden legendary enemies instead of just sneaking/sprinting through an area to one shot the thing with stars in it's name before moving on.

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