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fallout 7 - Bethesda Redemption Idea

Fallout 76 for most people was a huge disappointment, thats no secret. But whats more of a disappointment is the fact that the older games like Fallout 3 and NV are losing their charm graphically. I wish I could get back into those older game titles but the draw distant low resolution, optimization issues, poor AI pathing, and crashing take away from the experience. Mods fix alot of these issues but fail to create an overall polished bug free experience; also the process of modding can be frustrating and time consuming (Not to say that the process is not fun but it can be Intimidating to weekend gammers)

That being said, I really would like to see Bethesda remastering the older games to the engine of Fallout. People have tried on their own but a lot of these projects are done by volunteers and encounter legal issues with porting voice acting. These are some examples:

Fallout 3: https://youtu.be/BwzM24hifnM

Fallout NV: https://youtu.be/KARSz0AE39Q

I believe that the remaster project for Fallout New Vegas is still active but they have to produce their own voice acting. So its release is NOT coming out any time soon.

Bethesda could easily make up for their wrongs by remastering both games and make it free for players that had purchased Fallout 76 and 30$ for everyone else. And considering the fact that its just a port job to the new engine they really would not have to spend the same amount of man hours like for making a new game.

Would you guys support an idea like this and if so how could the community reach out to Bethesda to make this a reality?

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