Bethesda requested a video of a past purchase to restore lost atoms and wont properly respond to or read my ticket updates. I still don’t have my atoms back after over a week of going back and forth.

fallout 2 - Bethesda requested a video of a past purchase to restore lost atoms and wont properly respond to or read my ticket updates. I still don't have my atoms back after over a week of going back and forth.

This has been hands down the worst experience I have ever had with any customer support.

This has been going on for over a week now, when I purchased some things from the atom shop including the Nuka Cola bundle for 1200 atoms.

I later noticed upon looking through the store the option to purchase the Nuka cola bundle was still there, and that I did not have any of the items from it despite the 1200 atoms being taken from my account.

I created a ticket to see about getting my atoms back, outlining the problem, the approximate time of the purchase, and the bundle name. Their first response was a generic information request asking me to outline the problem and provide a screenshot of the error.

This continued from there, with them asking for a screenshot of my current atom balance which I provided, also highlighting in the screenshot the bundle in question being unowned. They then said they could not find history of this being purchased, and tried to close the ticket.

I then asked what it was I purchased recently to be missing exactly 1200 atoms, and they listed my 3 other most recent purchases, and confirmed they could not see a purchase for the "Cappy Bundle for 1500 atoms" (I never mentioned this bundle) and tried to close the ticket again.

Some further back and forth with my trying to get this resolved before the bundle was no longer able to be purchased, to which they informed me that, and I quote

" If the Bundle is available for purchase in the Atomic shop and is not showing as owned you are welcome to purchase it for the account. "

I had also asked to confirm if it would be easier to get the atoms refunded after purchasing it a second time, as opposed to having a bundle added to my account, which they responded to by saying:

" If you are interested in acquiring this bundle that is no longer available on the Atomic Shop, please let us know and we can have send your request sent to a specialized team to review and see if there is anything that can be done to help. "


They did not respond further about my question of which would be easier for them to sort out, so I ended up buying the bundle a second time while it was still available as I had no faith in them at this point being able to add bundles to accounts. I informed of the second purchase and requested the missing atoms be refunded to my account, asking a listing of my purchases along with my atom balance if there were any issues. (I advised what my balance was before purchasing the items listed) This was their response, where they asked me to provide outrageous amounts of evidence that are not possible without a time machine:

"We are pleased to hear about the purchase and we do not see a previous purchase of this bundle, if another purchase was made then you will need to show a video of this and that video will need to clearly show the date, time, and the Atoms before and after the purchase was made to add to our report for review. If the video is too large to attach then it will need to be on YouTube with the direct link provided."

I asked them to confirm about the video and if it is expected to be recording when ever making a transaction for fear of the system failing, and again to provide the last several transaction on my account including my account balance at the time if there were any issues with refunding the atoms, to which they again simply replied to saying they couldn't see a previous transaction and closed the ticket again.

There have been 15 updates to this ticket since it started, 7 different agents handling it, and 4 attempts to close the ticket prematurely. I am yet to feel like a single one of my responses has been fully read, and still do not have a resolution.

Short of taking a considerable amount of time on my part adding up every single atom I've ever earned or purchased and subtracting everything I've ever bought to prove I am missing 1200, something that should be much easier for them to verify then myself, I am not sure what to do at this point, so I posted here.

TL:DR: over a week of back and forth with customer support to restore lost atoms on my account after I bought something that took the atoms but didn't unlock, and 15 ticket updates later they are still not fully reading my messages, asking for a video of past actions, advising I can purchase it if it's still in the shop, and similarly insulting responses.

If it is not against the rules to do so I can post the entire ticket history later.

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