Bethesda, Stop It. This Isn’t a Release, it’s an Open Beta.

fallout 8 - Bethesda, Stop It. This Isn’t a Release, it’s an Open Beta.

This new update is ridiculous. From any kind of design standpoint you should only ever change one metric at a time to gauge its success. Obviously there are problems that need to be fixed. As to why you prioritized certain changes over others one can only grasp blindly into the dark. Your game is getting trashed in social media, and while you do have a core group of players who actually do really love this game (myself included), you need to stop [email protected]$&ing this up.

  1. You should have changed power core decay rate OR Power core resources, NOT BOTH. What you’ve done is ultimately geared power armor only to high level characters, which wouldn’t be a problem so much in itself if not for the litany of other problems.

  2. You need to fix Poseidon. Completing the event quest never actually allows you to use Poseidon to its full potential. It’s an early level area and this an obvious eyesore to everyone that plays. Fix it post-haste.

  3. Losing all the items you had at a workshop when you log (or more likely get d/c) is complete malarkey. They should either save or store (similar to C.A.M.P.). Losing the amount of caps and resources needed to take a workshop because you go idle, or because your servers can’t handle the glitches you’ve created isn’t our fault. Don’t penalize the player. Which brings me to…

  4. The weight limit. I get it. I get what you’re trying to do. But here’s the thing. You need to let people carry more stuff. Your simple elegant solution is to just modify the carry perk card to give an item weight multiplier rather than a +10 bonus (literally you have armor that gives +15 per piece and a perk that caps at +40). The weight of the items you are forced to carry around in order to handle different weapons, workshops, weapon mods, and repairing weapons and armor is MOST of the user experience at this point. Let people carry a ton of stuff. Let there be a limit. Let it be high. Because…

  5. You already make us drop our valuable junk, which is either looted, glitched out or lost when we die multiple times trying to find our innocuously camouflaged paper bag. (Ummm can we PLEASE get the ability to unlock paints for paper bags? THAT I would pay Atoms for) When you’re over-encumbered the biggest reason is junk. We don’t have to worry about losing weapons, armor, power armor, aid items or ammo, but we lose our junk. This alone is incentive enough not to walk around over game weight. You don’t need artificial item limits.

  6. FIX V.A.T.S. The fact that 75+% of the time I miss a target with a 95% accuracy in V.A.T.S. due to game lag/glitching is proof-positive that this game should not have been “released”. This is infuriating.

  7. Terrain glitching. I spent something like 20 minutes having to fight off a level 68 scorchbeast because my character fell in between some rocks running away from it. I couldn’t move or jump because the game I guess didn’t register me on solid ground. I couldn’t fast travel because I was being attacked. Wholly unsatisfying game experience.

  8. Number 8 would be your servers but to be honest I don’t even think they’re the problem. The problem is you’ve given people a poor user interface for a great game and they’ve resorted to glitches which are ultimately causing more server load than you’ve prepared for, and causing disconnects almost hourly at this point. (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here) fix the problems with the carry weight and the rest of it and watch people love your games again.

  9. For a company that has released as many games as you have the lack of patch notes and warnings to players is a major trust violation. Even No Man’s Sky recovered from their poor launch (re-launch?) by giving players what they asked for and rolling out constant fixes to major problems. You need to take a cue from them. Maybe get your developers a reddit account and just post them here if you can’t manage to handle it in an official in house capacity.

I’m not even going to mention the issues with your promo campaign. I will say this; you’ve enjoyed a decent income stream from releasing updates to the same two games for the last decade. You decided to throw your hat in the ring with a multiplayer fallout. You’ve done a really good job so far, but even a single drop of poison in an expensive bottle of wine just gives you an expensive bottle of poison. But you need to get your head in the game. An unplayable game is not worth the money it costs to purchase it.

SidWreck (XB1)

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