Bethesda, the legendary run trained a behavior you wanted, but aren’t supporting. What about S.C.O.R.E. coins?

fallout 6 - Bethesda, the legendary run trained a behavior you wanted, but aren't supporting. What about S.C.O.R.E. coins?

So, I finished my legendary run.

Every day was logging in, checking dailies, confirming none auto completed, then going off to do them.

Now, I'm fully trained into this habit, but there are no dailies to complete. I guess scratch that, there is no reason to do them.

I know you probably couldn't sustain giving away that many atoms. It makes sense. But, you're wasting all this conditioning you just spent a lot of resources on. You got me trained into logging in and playing, then you ran out of treats.

This is exactly what you wanted. There has to be a lot of people like me out there coming to the same realization.

If the score is useless now, and you cannot give us atoms, then you really need to find a new way to do the dailies that is worth while. Either that, or find something else for next "season" please.

All you've done here now really is create a vacuum. The "content" dried up with the rewards.

I'm most other games, they set an experience marker and you continue to gain ranks whenever you got it, which usually rewards you with regular care packages every hit or every few hits. It's a reason for people to keep going after the "season" track is complete.

The best part here is, you've already got something in game that is pretty much this. It could be as simple as getting an in game currency of your choice.


5,000 score, that little blue toast pops up, you get a token. Next, go to purveyor, hit the vendor in the cage next to the pool table you'll add, then see what the tokens can be traded for. Now for the easy part, list all the in game currencies. Scrip, bullion, fuzzy tokens, claim tokens, pleasant valley claim tickets, Christmas present, miner pail, NW cosmetics, etc (maybe even atoms?). Not all are equal, you figure that out.

I think this would help keep us playing past the "season" limit. Gives the dailies and weeklies you already spent time and effort on relevant, while giving another track to get currencies or event items we already need, and might have missed.

You've already got us trained, why not keep us going by making it worth our while?

Playing devil's advocate (cringes), you might even get some people to pay atoms to get to the currency they need extra of? (I feel dirty about this last part. I'm sorry.)

P.S. I know the 10,000 XP for score might be abused here. Probably need a daily coin or counted score limit no matter the score amount gained. Something like 20,000 score a day for bonus? That's 4 large ranks. Keeping that in mind for coin conversions though, nothing should be too expensive. Shrug. Just thinking it out.

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