Bethesda, Wastelanders has a whole lot of good, but it’s time we talk about the bad.

fallout 7 - Bethesda, Wastelanders has a whole lot of good, but it’s time we talk about the bad.

First off, thank you for the new update. It has brought a lot of what was lacking in line with where the game needs to be. Especially for new players, a play-through of the story feels much more complete and fleshed-out. I understand the goal was to provide a more full experience for new and returning players, but as someone who never left, I’m feeling slighted.

Time gates are an open admission of content stretching by a team that knows they didn’t do enough to provide a meaningful end-game loop, and for worse, the way that the game handles time gating is archaic and non-user-friendly. The game’s numerous time gates need to reset at a specific time and include all activities. Make the caps, scrip, gold, and daily quests reset at 8am local times every day regardless of when you initiated them. If you aren’t going to allow us to do more than an hour of progression per day, at least let us be able to do all of the progression activities in one sitting.

The balance in these limited currency pools is way off. Spending your entire daily scrip pool to roll one weapon and one armor piece and getting a 1* is a different kind of infuriating. No level 200+ player is going to do anything with a 1* that can’t be traded other than have it take up 10lbs of stash space for a day until they can scrip again. With such limited rolls per day, they have to be guaranteed 3*, or modules need to be 20 scrip, or the daily scrip pool needs to be doubled or tripled, or some kind of combination of these measures. We need to be able to roll roughly a half dozen items per session to feel like there’s a hope of progressing.

You simply can’t expect long time players to be satisfied with logging in, wiping out 3 currencies immediately, rolling 3 items, doing 3 incredibly repetitive fetch quests, 3 public events, and have absolutely nothing to do afterwards and remain satisfied until presumably the end of summer with nothing more than a couple limited-time events to break up that monotony. It is already stale after two weeks.


Now the really ugly: the bugs. The ugliest of bugs. Power armor disappearing right off its frame, players accessing your stash and taking your hard-earned god rolls through your vendor, your vendor volunteering your hard-earned god rolls for a heck of a deal to a lucky player, NPCs deciding they deserve your hard-earned god rolls more than you do. These are only the newest and most invasive and hostile of the bugs. We all saw you acknowledge these bugs, take vending offline, fix the dupe and re-enable them with the bugs still intact. That is an enormous slap in the face.

Aside from our literal year+ of progress being swiped right out of our inventories at any time without warning, every aspect of this game is still fundamentally flawed and spaghetti-coded together to just barely function. The entire game needs examined and fixed. Perks don’t interact correctly, apparel items don’t interact correctly, legendary effects, buffs, debuffs, atom challenges, food, chems, VATs, textures, quest trackers, friends list, weapon mods, health bars, respawning, hunger/thirst/fusion core drain, perishable item spoilage, NPCs: the list goes on but none of these things seem to interact with each other correctly or reliably. I have to give enormous credit to the progress in audio/visuals and stability and load times, which are much better now, but like every patch cycle, there are always more steps backward than forward.

I fear that the time of 76 being my main game (which it has been since launch) may be ending. The systems Bethesda put in place say “we aren’t going to allow you to have any meaningful progression after about an hour per day”. With a summer update so far being a camp update with some QoL features that have been teased for a year yet should’ve been in the design from the get-go is disheartening. I just can’t see myself still logging in every day for these same chores two months from now just to grind for a slightly better leg than I’ve been wearing for a year or for a handful of atoms to get another flooring skin that I can’t place because my magazine rack takes up so much budget and allows players to take my legacy radium when they read them.

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