Bethesda, we need weekly limits, not daily ones

fallout 7 - Bethesda, we need weekly limits, not daily ones

I think everyone by now can agree that these limits are extremely limiting to the more diehard players here. I for one have about 40% of my stash taken up by legendaries waiting to scrip, probably more really. And more ways to earn them continue to come up.

I have 300 treasury notes that I'll never use because just playing the game casually, doing the Daily Op, occasional quests, and daily quests, give more than enough per day. And we need more and more gold each update, because either something new comes up, or someone finally finished their grind of the one weapon they bought with a weeks worth of gold, and now needs to wait another week before getting another.

These limits are simply way too low and need to be raised and changed into weekly limits.

My idea is currently quadrupling or maybe simply doubling the daily limits, then multiplying them by 7 for a weekly rotation. This would let the more diehard fans that play every day, turning in everything the first day, then do what they want, and give the more casual players a good counter as to how much they will need by the end of the week, or simply let them continue to steadily earn gold or scrip without being limited by the day.

This wouldnt speed up progression to a game breaking degree, it would simply make the game less boring to play, give a little more freedom in what to do, what to focus on in each day. Give time for the builders to build while letting them grind for the new gear as well, would let the PvPers get their gear within a reasonable time, and give them space to set up events or, do what they want do. Give the collectors time to grind out those little items they want, or get their perfect gear with less daily limited hassle.


But as far as I can tell, Bethesda hasn't been interested in doing this, and these limits have really killed my motivation for playing the game, as I dont have time to get into character and roleplay, or look around for people wanting to PvP or even go to lower level players to help them out because by the time I'm done turning in my scrip, crafting my SS armor, turning my gold, buying my lunchboxes, finishing my Daily Op, doing all my daily challenges, and checking vendors, I'm just burnt out for the day, and dont have any really reason to look for something fun to do.

These limits are only one of many problems, but they're one of the easiest to fix, simply making them weekly and bumping up the numbers would give us lot of extra time to do what we want to do and enjoy the game, rather than making it another job.

Edit: Forgot to mention caps, 30k is not enough to buy most things players trade between each other that isnt something semi common. Most of the top tier weapons will go for 50k – 100k and in general, I hit the limit of 30k every other week from just selling serums at my camp, which I then need to disable the vendors on so I dont waste caps. Takes a week of vendor hopping and buying bits if ammp and chems here and there before I'm ready to open back up. If the limit was higher I might actually be able to buy good weapons for straight caps.

And on that topic of vendors, can we please get a sales of in the personal terminal, that thing needs some love.

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