Bethesda: Whether Player Town or Pip-Boy Network, we need a Concentrated Community Space on servers

fallout 2 - Bethesda: Whether Player Town or Pip-Boy Network, we need a Concentrated Community Space on servers

I've spent enough time with Fallout 76 as a lone survivor to reach That Point, now:

The moment when, against all my needs to be anti-social, I crave meeting other players and using the sandbox I've been given. Either for trade, roleplay, or just being around people and having that sense of Vault 76's people coming out to "Rebuild Appalachia" together.

As it exists right now, the only place to do that is either on Reddit, or in an external community space, like Discord on PC or a community board on console.

External sources for organizing, communicating, and initiating contact with other players isn't going to cut it and is a major detriment to the concept of the game and its taglines. Appalachia needs a Player Town–its very own Diamond City composed of players, or better yet, a Pip-Boy Network.

Think about it:

Every living survivor came out of Vault 76. Every single human is armed with a Pip-Boy that was connected to the Vault and is capable of picking up all sorts of external data sources.

Make a community board on the server we can access through the Pip-Boy.

Text, images, player tags–give us the chance to post messages so other users can find us in that world and we can have the interactions we need. Imagine the roleplaying capabilities we can kick off if we have this! Imagine the C.A.M.P.-linking settlements that can be built up together once the next update keeps our C.A.M.P. in place!


– No one will need to travel to railroad stations constantly to sell to protectrons with 200 cap limits

– Anyone looking for group can find them

– Factions can be made instantly

– Tiny settlements can be formed instantly

– Player-given quests and interactions are right there to be found

– That "drama" Todd Howard mentioned when another player approaches gets a great new factor once we advertise ourselves

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– The kids in the sandbox actually get around to building castles together instead of digging in their own corners

Yeah, typing out everything on console might be tedious, but if you gave us the ability, we WOULD take advantage in a heartbeat.

No matter what, Bethesda, we need that "Player Hub" in a server so, so badly. It can be a location that's free to fast-travel to and made well-known to everyone, it can be a Pip-Boy-accessed Vault 76 network, or it can be both, which would open possibilities on this world and game immensely.

But no matter how you make it, we need it.

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