Bethesda, why aren’t you taking advantage of the fact that everyone wants to personalize their Power Armor?

fallout 4 - Bethesda, why aren't you taking advantage of the fact that everyone wants to personalize their Power Armor?

And I don't mean with different skins, I mean with a variety of decals and patches that we can position ourselves.

I for one would love to put little Scorched Beast/Queen heads on my PA arms to show how many I've killed (different colors denoting 1s, 10s, etc)

Anyone else want to see a greater variety of PA personalization?

Edit 1: And by extension, we should be allowed to further personalize our regular armor and apparel (add patches to the brotherhood bomber jacket or combat armor for example)

Edit 2: In case anyone is confused, these personalizations would be on top of the skin/paint mechanic as they currently are.

Edit 3: Wow I did not expect this idea to get this much attention. Let me flesh it out a little more below because I see a little bit of confusion regarding this.

#1 – I do not nor did I expect BGS to put this in the game tomorrow or in the immediate future, I just wanted to express an idea I thought (and many of you think) was cool. If this were to ever get implemented I couldn't see it coming out for a year or more.


#2 – On the function of this, the closest thing I can use as an example for this system is the Mech customization in Mechwarrior Online (f2p game if you'd like to experience it first hand). Armor, Power Armor, and apparel would have customization sloths(number of which would be determined by how much the FO76 network could realistically handle) for colors, patches/decals, and what is known in MWO as "bolt-ons" which in this case would be the ability to apply a deathclaw skull to your helmet, or wolf heads to your shoulder armor.

On a slightly technical side, I can't see it being much more intensive than what we currently have with players having different armor skins and clothing. Everything has already been downloaded, everything you see is already on your system. All that gets communicated over the network is the type of -whatever- the other person has on. This system would add a "where is it" to that person in regards to patches, etc. Might increase the size of the game patches a bit of course, but nothing that wasn't already being done by additions to the atom shop.

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I agree with most of you saying this stuff should be earned in game as well as bought through the atom shop. Completing the BOS storyline should reward you with BOS specific cosmetic customizations, etc.

Glad most like the idea 🙂

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