Bethesda, you need to clean up the camp build menus now, rather than later

fallout 7 - Bethesda, you need to clean up the camp build menus now, rather than later

The more stuff that gets added to make in our CAMPS, the more it's going to be difficult to find things the way you have it set up.

For example, the top categories need some tweaking. For example, could it say SEATING instead of CHAIRS? And could you reorder the menu? The first part makes sense in that goes in the order you should build things. Floors, walls, roofs, stairs, and up to lights.

But then it starts to get a little confusing. A possible reorder of the menu that is more intuitive for players might go like this:

Power Connectors

That's all the basic structure menus. Then you need to decide where the functional needs of your camp will go.
Turrets and Traps

Now we can get to decorating our camp
Appliances Floor Decor
Wall Decor
There is also inconsistencies to how the items under each menu is grouped. For example, the Nuka Cola lamp and the Lamps from Raiders and Settlers are on two seperate lines. I get they come from different sources. But they should be on the same line.

Take the Red Rocket advertising poster we got for free. It's on a line all by it's self, and then duplicated in the advertising posters below it.


Take shelves. There's several different styles in metal shelves, the second in the list. And then the last two, which are the same style of store shelving get their own line each. Why not just group them together? Same with the Fallout Boy/Girl statues. One line for all three. Also shouldn’t there’re be a female for both versions?

The plushies are either grouped together, or their own separate line. Why not just have them all in Plushies? Same for Rugs. Regular rugs, and Animal Skins can be two seperate lines. But we don't need a special line just for one new Animal Skin.

As more and more gets added to the CAMP build options, it's going to be harder and harder and more time consuming, to find what you want. It also doesn't help that stuff bought in the atomic shop doesn't give a clear idea where to look. The new fireplace recently added, said – C.A.M.P. ITEMS APPEAR WHILE IN C.A.M.P. BUILD MODE. –

When what it should say is, Item appears under Lights > Fireplaces, when in CAMP BUILD mode. Same with things like the Red Rocket door for the prefab. It's a door for us, but it was under walls.

There's A LOT of stuff being added to camps. And with the upcoming Instanced interiors, we are hoping for even more to help make Home Sweet Home even more awesome.

If the organization of the Menus and submenus doesn't happen now, it's going to be a much bigger task down the road.

So please, as a big QoL change, can you work to making the menus better organized?

Thank you.

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