Bethesda’s taken to blaming their customers for their bugs in FO76

fallout 2 - Bethesda's taken to blaming their customers for their bugs in FO76

I posted on the support forums, showing this gif of the damage bug. I actually got a prompt response – via text. They blamed it on my connection, when I offered to test, I got no reply but call your ISP, can we help you with anything else?

This is infuriating.

Here is the transcript. Imgur posts below.

If you are experiencing issues damaging enemies with ranged weapons, it may be a result of connection issues. This issue is known to be temporary and can be resolved with restarting your router and the game and you should to be good to go.41 min

As it is, we have not received a response within the last 10 minutes. We'd be happy to continue providing assistance, but if we do not receive a response within the next 5 minutes, we will go ahead and close this ticket.

Sorry was making coffee. Thanks for responding!

This is happening every time i play

It's persisted through multiple computer and router restarts, i run connection monitor and my connection is fine thought-out

I can't even play the game anymore. It's completely broken. I'll go to do anything and then at some point I'll cease to do damage and… Then I either log out and lose all my workshops and stuff or I just go find a different game

Sure thing! I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue. Do you mind running a connection test? This would help a lot in being able to diagnose the issue further.


Sure, do you have a specific test you'd like to run

That's terrible. I'm truly sorry this is happening to you. I know how frustrated I would be if this happened to me. We have some troubleshooting we can attempt but the main issue seems to be with the internet connection. Since your internet service provider has more information on your plan they would be the best to contact about this issue. If you contact them I would suggest saying that you are having trouble with online gaming and would like to know how to receive the internet speeds you deserve and are paying for.

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Um… My internet speeds have nothing to do with a server side glitch that is restoring hp of enemies

That makes no sense

If you do not wish to contact your Internet service provider to resolve this connection issue , are there any other issues you are having that we have the ability to resolve?

At this point I went off that it's not my connection, and then they sent the ticket back to the team for further troubleshooting over e-mail – which i haven't received yet. It's Sunday so I don't really expect it toady, but I paid $60 for a game that is completely broken.


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