Bethseda, fix these annoying issues that have existed since day one. (bugs and suggestions)

fallout 3 - Bethseda, fix these annoying issues that have existed since day one. (bugs and suggestions)

There are some issues that have been in the game since day one. Every patch release, I read through all the notes hoping to see some note about these issues, but so far, nothing. So.. Bethseda, please, for the love of God, fix these issues already! Also, I added some suggestions at the end that are not really bugs, but things that would help game mechanics.

  1. When trading with a player, the trade window will randomly exit. Stop it. Fix it. It is really important and annoying.
  2. When building a camp, don't show a green outline around a C.A.M.P object if it cannot be placed. Why? Just why? All the green outline means currently is that you might be able to place that camp object there, but maybe not. And if you try, and cannot, it is currently bugged so you cannot try again without tabbing out and back to the object.
  3. I don't want to jump, I want to attach a wire. If you have wired up something in your camp, you know what I am talking about. Fix the wiring issues in camp construction.
  4. When my camp cannot be placed in the world, and I click "Try to find another world", don't put me right back into the same world. Change the text to "Find another world" and actually do that. Currently, the text should say, "Log out of this world and log right back in to it and see this text again?" Or even better, do a pre-check before I join the world to begin with to not automatically place me in one where my camp cannot be placed.
  5. If you sign out at your camp and log back in, and your camp cannot be placed, if you choose find another world (and it actually works), you will no longer spawn in at your camp, instead, you will be at the nearest fast travel point. You should still be at your camp.
  6. You cannot fast travel into a nuke zone, therefore you should not spawn into one when you login. When you login to a world, if you are in a nuke zone, you should be given an option to spawn in a different location. There is nothing worse than logging in without power armor, realizing you are in a nuke zone, and then the game does the "load the world" lag of death, where you cannot move for a few seconds while you die.
  7. If you spawn into a location, don't let the enemies attack you before the game loads them in. I am tired of being killed by invisible enemies that I cannot see or attack back.
  8. When I log into the world, if I place my power armor down within a minute, it is invisible. I cannot enter it, pick it up, or anything.
  9. Fix the legendary effect of +25% radiation resistance. It only works on some pieces, and those are rare. Either that, or remove this entirely.
  10. Despite you guys "fixing" the bug a few patches back and stating that legendary enemies will now always drop a legendary item, this is not the case. It is better, but 5-10% still don't have them.
  11. If you have a turret on the ground, and something is attacking it with melee, the turret will not attack that enemy. It just sits there and gets destroyed.
  12. When you first log into a world, you cannot fast travel to your base until you move around a bit. You can fast travel anywhere else, but not your base.
  13. When you reload a gatling plasma, you have to spin it up and it will only fire one shot. Then you have to re-spin it up to fire more.
  14. You show armor stats for power armor frames in your inventory and they have always been 0. Why? Either remove this useless thing or actually show the stats for the armor.
  15. New bug, but important. The encrypted event. The sheepsquatch turns invisible then it explodes, and lands somewhere different for every player. It is impossible to find. Unless you deal the final blow with a melee weapon and loot instantly, you will probably never find it even after 10 minutes of every person telling you you are standing right on it for them and it is somewhere else for others.

Those are the bugs I can think of off the top of my head that give me grief every time I play, and here are some gameplay mechanics suggestions.

  1. 3 star legendary enemies should drop 3 star legendary items. 2 star should drop 2 star. The star rating on an enemy is useless currently. If I get one more 1 star nocturnal pipe pistol from the queen I am going to scream.
  2. Remove the artificial rad resist buff to power armor and hazmat suits and scale it appropriately. If I have a decked out, lead lined, trapper set while on chems to get my rad resistance above what power armor is, I should not be experiencing 20x more rads in a nuke zone than I do in power armor with less rad resistance. Go by the stats or remove the stats completly.
  3. Remove the nocturnal legendary entirely or improve it. Currently, it is junk. It is the only legendary where you are penalized when the special is not in use. High health does not make your bloodied, unyielding, bolstering legendaries less effective than stock. Low health does not make vangards worse than stock. Having nocturnal during the day should not make the armor/weapons worse than stock. It is currently useless junk and there is nothing worse than getting an awesome explosive handmade from a drop that is nocturnal (happened to me). Remove it or improve it.
  4. Buff the other legendary builds to make them enticing. Junkies, nocturnal, etc. Running a junkies build should be just as enticing as a bloodied build. You need to buff/nerf to make it so every legendary effect and build around those is equally enticing, with trade-offs.
  5. Remove the 25k cap limit. In the end game, 25k caps is not enough. With player vending coming along, good legendaries are worth over 10k caps. Amazing ones are worth over 25k caps. It makes them trade only currently. It also encourages people to sell them for real money, as you cannot have enough caps to trade in your system. My understanding is you want this game to be centered around player trading. This isn't a single player game. 25k cap limits work fine in a single player, but with player to player trading, where there are extremely rare drops, it is simply not enough.
  6. If the vendor bots are going to sell ammo, we should be able to sell it to them as well. Also, it is way over priced. Check your records. No one who plays this game will ever buy ammo from a vendor. It is too expensive. Remove it or make it cheaper.
  7. In adventure mode, if a player is killed by an enemy, not in pvp, and they drop their loot, the loot should say "steal" for 5 minutes. Players who steal loot should become wanted.
  8. The cap limit for vendors should reset based on play time, not real world time. People who log in to sell only and log out should not have an advantage over those who play all day long. Fast travel fees are expensive and you can burn through the 1400 caps you get every 20 hours quickly if you are playing all day. You want people to play your game a lot right, not just log in once a day to sell? You are currently punishing people who play for long periods. I think every 2 – 3 hours of playtime, the vendor cap limit should reset. This would also prevent people from making a ton of alt accounts to hop on and sell really quick just to hop back off to bypass this limit.
  9. In the end game, most people have mule accounts because the stash box size is not designed for end game use. It works fine until level 50, but again, if you want people to keep playing your game past that point, you need to cater to their needs as well. I understand there are performance issues with having a huge stash box size, so I propose this: Have cold storage. Make it so you have to exit to main menu and in there, you can move things from your stash to cold storage. Make cold storage huge. This way, you do not affect performance of the servers and still allow players to keep more stuff in the end game.
  10. If a player is wanted, and you kill them, this should not enable you in pvp for their teammates. People are using this to bait people to killing a teammate that is wanted and then having 3 snipers wipe out the person who collected the bounty. PVP in adventure should be enabled player by player. Not team by team. This has happened to me and it makes the wanted system useless because no one wants to hunt them down because it is probably just a trap.
  11. Make more armor paints in the atom shop. Not power armor. Regular armor (combat, marine, metal, etc) A lot of us (if not most of us) do not live in power armor. I want black paint for my combat armor. Give it to me.
  12. The little light on the combat armor helmet should function like the mining helmet light. It is currently purely cosmetic.
  13. Let us type in a number when selling an item when trading with a player instead of having to use a slider. The same goes for quantities when trading and at a vendor.
  14. Fast travel to train stations should be substantially cheaper, or free. Either that, or we need a vault 76 style fast travel location in the southern part of the map. I vote for The Whitespring or the Whitespring Train Station since it is now the vendor hub.
  15. You should be able to trade an item to a player for another item. Many items are priceless and are only tradeable for other priceless items. We currently have to rely on the trust system if you want to trade priceless items. Make it so you can do an item to item trade.
  16. You should be able to tell what type of armor a piece is for legendary pieces. I know that a combat armor limb that is not over repaired and had no modifications to it is heavy if it has a damage and energy resist of 20. But if it is over repaired or has any modifications, it is anyone's guess. There is no way to see what it is currently. Show if it is light, sturdy, heavy somewhere.
  17. Let us pick where the spawn in point is for our bases. This goes for us and other players. Numerous times I have built a base on a cliff and I will spawn in at the bottom. Sometimes when I am near water, I spawn in the water. Sometimes you spawn in under the floor. Having a set spawn in point would solve all of that.
  18. Let us build our bases closer together. you should be able to build a base where your build area butts up to someone else's. You currently have to be pretty far away. It would be cool to have neighborhoods and neighbors.
  19. You should be able to join a world of someone not in your friends list. There are a lot of groups and market places out there where you will want to join a world with someone but don't want to add all of these people to your friend's list. The only exception should be if that player has blocked you to prevent harassment.
  20. Make a soft pacifist mode. Meaning you are in pacifist except when you are shooting someone who is wanted or is contesting your workshop. I hate switching in these cases and sometimes forget to.
  21. We should be able to craft mods. If we know how to mod something, we should be able to craft a mod for it. This would come in handy with player vending. There are groups where people offer modding services, but you have to trust them with your stuff. If we could craft the mods and sell them, that would be ideal and remove the trust system.
  22. Bulking items should make them lighter or at least use up less stash box storage.
  23. Let us trade/gift/drop our improved repair kits. You can say that you don't want to do "pay to win" in the atomic shop and that the repair kits are not that all you want. But they are the only non atomic shop item we cannot drop/sell/trade. Let us sell/trade the improved one in game and everyone would be much happier.
  24. We want different building walls! If you want to make more money in the atomic shop, stuff like this is how you get it. Not through repair kits to start a huge debate on if it is a pay to win item. You get it through cosmetics. More floors, more walls, more styles for your crafting benches/water purifiers. More armor paint, regular armor paint. Hairstyles would work as well.
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I love this game. I play it for hours on end. It has and has had a lot of bugs. I know Bethseda works hard to improve it continuously. But please fix these long existing bugs and consider these recommendations. I want to continue to love playing this game. This would help.

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