[Big QOL Change] Separate Aid menu by Food, Water etc.

fallout 8 - [Big QOL Change] Separate Aid menu by Food, Water etc.


I posted a bug report some days ago, because i used to press CTRL on my keyboard (PC) to separate my Aid items, like Aid (Food), Aid (Water), Aid (Food* (cooked food with stats), Aid (Water*), and Aid (Chems).

People then told me that I was using a mod which gives this function. I TOTALLY forgot that I installed mods and thought this is an in game feature. Without that it was such a pain to separate my items, let alone search for my stat giver foods that I skipped that part altogether and played without stat giving items.

Please, Bethesda, this QoL change would benefit everyone greatly. You can't imagine how much I missed it when I thought it was a bug, yet all I had to do is to update my mod.

Bring this feature in, in the name of the Almighty T (me), and our beloved faithful players who know how much potential this game has (VERY big)!

Edit: Please bring this post up with likes as much as you can, so it will be heard. I don't care about reddit stats, because I mostly lurk, but this is not hard to do, and would greatly benefit everyone, even if only a little. I'm okay now, because of mods I'm using this and I'm fine, but vast majority of the player base don't, and they will feel MUCH relieved with this QoL change.


Edit 2: Also, I would like to thank everyone who told me that I was using a mod, lol. I really compeltely forget it, and was very disappointed when i saw that my Aid (Food*) was completely empty, along with everything else, except the all filled-up Aid tab. With this mod, everything is so smooth when I want to eat, drink, buff, drugging up… without that… I didn't even bother. Yeah, I can't go back after this. ^^

Edit 3: Added all the screenshots this mod provides. I'm NOT advertising, I'm just suggesting an in game feature (which, I thought IS an in game feature…) So people can get a grasp how much smoothly and more faster things can go without sorting through all your Aid items.

https://imgur.com/WTD4RE2 Food, separately, along with stat giving foods, but that has an another Tab.

https://imgur.com/qpUGxyb Water, separately, along with stat giving soups, but that has an another Tab too.

https://imgur.com/h0TaZGd Food, but ONLY Stat giving foods.

https://imgur.com/0BK84si Water, but ONLY Stat giving soups/juice/water.

https://imgur.com/ayXGFJ7 Chems only.

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