Biggest C.A.M.P. Built. Period.

fallout 3 - Biggest C.A.M.P. Built. Period.


Ten floors. Biggest base to date afaik. 44 Brahmin & over a dozen turrets among the contents. Video included

Hello Fallout subreddit! I just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on since six days ago. It’s a multi level building with both public and private access! It’s half Public Community hall and Orchestra, while the other half is a private locked construct which acts as a slaughterhouse.

Here is a breakdown of each floor:

First floor: Slaughterhouse public main access. You have to be let in with a pressure plate and a garage door will open. The left wall is a string of PA stations and a decontamination shower. Restrooms are in the back men’s room on the left ladies on the right. Heavy turrets are also located on this floor.

Second floor: power generator and the bulk of the conduit wiring is connected here. A full set of workbenches in the back. Acts mostly as a lounge.

Third and fourth floors: 44 Brahmin. These are the insane cow levels of my camp. Both floors are heavily decorated with oil lamp lights but you’ll mostly only notice the Brahmin

5th floor: Harpers Ferry bridge and two rooms on each side that connect the community hall above and the slaughterhouse below. Technically this is the main entrance because when people load into Harpers Ferry (Facing west) all they have to do is turn east and there’s the base. Upon turning east though, you’re greeted with “Country Roads” whole first verse in neon blue! TBH I’m proud of that one probably the most 😉


Sixth floor: Small room that leads up to the Community Hall and the Orchestra.

Seventh and Eighth floors: Technically just staircases on two sides leading to the 9th floor

Ninth Floor: Community hall. Beds, workbenches, stash, everything a lone wanderer or a small group needs to recuperate and get back out there!

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Tenth Floor: Roof. Patio, lots and lots of storage lockers and an Orchestra band with Orchestra seats….. and a row of toilets behind those… people always ask why toilets…. because they’re sh!tty seats! Lastly, balcony seating for the VIPs.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!


I just had a scorchbeast land on the roof a few minutes ago (will include that video if requested enough times) so it’s also big enough to be a scorchbeast Landing strip!!!!!!

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